Code: GW16892CT

Range: Home&Building Pro
Home & Building PRO system

Wired system based on the KNX international standard protocol, suitable for advanced automation solutions for residential solutions and small-to-medium offices. The offer is highly customisable, complete with all functions and can be integrated with third-party devices and systems (video intercom, smart locks, entertainment). It can be controlled via the APP, voice assistants or touch panels. With Home and Building PRO, you can also manage ZigBee devices and communicate with the Google Home IoT platforms, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT. 

IP20 (with plate fitted)

Technical Info

Category Transponder card holder unit  MIFARE®
Colour Titanium
Material Front plate in technoplymer (included)
Installation Flush mounting on 3-modules rectangular (GW24403, GW24403PM),
round (GW24234, GW24234PM) or square (GW24231) boxes
Power supply SELV: 12-24 Vac 50/60Hz, 12-32 Vdc
Current absorbed by power supply 30 mA a 24 V dc
Interfaces KNX TP1
Current absorbed by KNX bus (mA) Max 10 mA a 29 V
Technology Trasponder RFID-MIFARE®
No. output channels 2
Output contacts Max switching voltage  30Vdc / 24Vac
Max switching current  5A(AC1) 1A (AC3)
No. input channels 2
Input voltage Potential free
Wiring terminals With screw
Terminal tightening capacity
stranded cables (mm²)
Max. 1,5
Terminal tightening capacity
solid cables (mm²)
Max. 1,5
Working temperature -5 ÷ +45 °C
Relative humidity (non-condensative) Max 90%
Stocking temperature  -5 ÷ +55 °C
Connection to the KNX bus KNX bus terminal
Dimensions LxHxD (mm) 110,0x78,0x12,1
IP degree IP20 (with plate fitted)
Standard Directive RED  2014/53/UE; Directive RoHS 2011/65/EU + 2015/863;
EN 63044-3; EN 63044-5-1; EN 63044-5-2; EN 300 330;
EN 301 489-3; EN IEC 63000
Ware Number 85389099

Product Data Sheet

Technical manual (EN)

User guide (PT-RO-AR-TR-HU)

ETS5 Data Base 

Technical manual (IT)

User guide (IT-EN-FR-ES-DE)

Technical characteristics - IT

Technical characteristics - EN

Technical characteristics - ES

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CE marking

CHARCTERISTICS: the transponder card holder unit allows the recognition of cards with RFID-MIFARE® transponder technology, use the cards from Gewiss catalogue. Card recognition is reported to the hotel access control and management software and can be configured to control other actions and automations. The devices are equipped with 2 inputs for potential-free contacts and 2 NO relay outputs for SELV circuits (max switching voltage 30Vdc / 24Vac, max switching current 5A(AC1) 1A (AC3)).
APPLICATIONS:the inputs can be used to detect the status of sensors or to send on/off and toggle commands, dimming commands (1 or 2 buttons), shutter commands, sequence commands, scenario commands, short/long press commands; the pulse counter function is also available. The outputs can control generic loads on, off, timed on, with flashing. The devices implement advanced logical functions and the "Virtual holder" function.
NOTES: the devices include a technopolymer front plate and a KNX bus terminal; the devices are suitable for screw fixing  on 3-module rectangular (GW24403, GW24403PM), round (GW24234, GW24234PM) or square (GW24231) boxes.

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