Download the General ETS Database for all KNX devices

KNX contains databases with all GEWISS products of the KNX series that can be used with programming software for ETS 3 and ETS 4 home automation systems, while for the latest ETS 5 version, both databases can be imported.


44 MB
Operating System
Windows 7, 8, 10, 11


Drawing the diagram

The drawing mode of the single-line circuit diagram is semi-automatic: once the component to be inserted into the diagram has been selected and the insertion mode defined (series, parallel, start of a new panel), the symbol is automatically positioned on the drawing sheet. PBT-Q also has an additional graphic drawing mode, which allows text, lines, and shapes with customisable characteristics to be inserted.


Network calculation

Information and data about the system (type of distribution system, power supply characteristics, etc.) and components (length and type of pipes, load data, etc.) can be entered and/or changed at any time (before or after dimensioning). The electrical parameters of the luminaires are automatically placed in the title block, the constituent entries of which can be set by the user. It is also possible to "lock" all luminaires and/or cables or only selected ones: the...

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