Our journey for Sustainable development
The integration of sustainability into our business model

Sustainability in our path for over 20 years


Sustainability Policy

The Group promotes a sustainable approach to its principles, values, styles of behavior and goals.

Gewiss Group Integrated Policy

Quality, Health and Safety,
Environment and Energy

Sustainability Profile

The document presents a report on the objectives, activities and impacts.

Strategic Approach

GEWISS Group promotes a sustainable approach for its principles, values, styles of behavior and objectives of the corporate culture, so that respect for people, the environment and society as a whole is pursued in every activity.

Concepts expressed and formalized in the "Sustainability Policy " and "Quality, Health and Safety, Environment and Energy Policy".


The Group commitment is aimed at developing innovative and increasingly sustainable products, encouraging useful collaborations and research and development, to ensure a high degree of environmental compatibility of its sites, materials used, services and business processes in compliance human capital, laws and regulations.


Recognition of our commitment to sustainability.


Gewiss Group guarantees an ethical approach as a fundamental prerequisite for the conduct of business activities, for each of its actions and for the development of each product.

Forestry activities

Gewiss contributed to the national forestation campaign Foresta Italia.


GEWISS is committed to reducing the environmental impacts of processes and products, with a focus on energy consumption, CO2 emissions and waste reduction, trough concrete actions as:

  • Continuous implementation of energy efficiency actions;
  • Selection of the best available technology in the purchase/replacement of equipment;
  • Limitation of CO2 emissions;
  • Increase in the number of waste collected separately and sent for recovery;
  • Continuous optimization of internal processes aimed at reducing waste and reuse of industrial scraps.


GEWISS intends to promote sustainability practices along the supply chain to help creating shared value alonge the entire value chain.  An example is represented by partnerships with institutions and associations in line with the Group’s values, as well as the open dialogue with local communities in the territories in which it operates.


Human capital is a fundamental pillar for the Gewiss Group, that wants to:

  • Ensuring safe operations for maximum attention to the health and safety of workers
  • Promoting safe behaviours for employees and collaborators
  • Obtaining employees participation and satisfaction.


Group Companie's Certifications

Voluntary quality, safety, environmental and energy management systems, implemented according to the most advanced and recognized international standards, are a framework of best practices and valuable business management tools. The Group’s management systems are an essential part of Gewiss' sustainability strategy and are based on an accurate analysis of the business context and processes in order to measure, monitor and manage risks and opportunities, aimed at the continuous improvement of their activities and processes.

These management systems are voluntarily subject to annual control by independent third parties to verify their full compliance with international standards ISO 9001 - Quality, ISO 14001 - Environment, ISO 45001 - Health and Safety at Work, ISO 50001 -Energy, which have common operational requirements for all sites and organizations.

ISO9001 Certificate
ISO14001 Certificate
ISO50001 Certificate
ISO45001 Certificate
Gewiss Deutschland GmbH
ISO9001 Certificate
Gewiss France SA
ISO9001 Certificate
Gewiss France SA
ISO14001 Certificate
Gewiss France SA
ISO45001 Certificate
Gewiss Iberica
ISO9001 Certificate
Gewiss Portugal
ISO9001 Certificate
Gewiss UK
ISO9001 Certificate

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