Safety, comfort, energy conservation, supervision and design.

These are the keywords to describe the entire GEWISS system for Smart Home & Building.

City Landscape
city landscape

The city connects

Thanks to simple and intuitive interfaces, it is possible to monitor and manage all city information in real time.

city landscape
city landscape

GW Host

Home&Building Pro

Increased security and flexibility for your hotel’s access control system.

Temperature at a touch

Now also available in the new, elegant natural beige color, Thermo ICE allows simple and efficient control of the temperature of the rooms in which it is installed. Furthermore, it provides the opportunity to set air conditioning systems that can guarantee the most comfortable temperature without unnecessary waste of energy. Via Cloud, the Wi-Fi and KNX versions allow remote climate management directly from the App.

Home & Building Automation

Home & Building Automation in your hands

By integrating the ChoruSmart offer with the bus wiring, based on the KNX international standard protocol, it’s possible to create Home & Building Pro system, suitable for advanced automation of residential and small- or medium-sized tertiary solutions, integrable with other devices and systems, and manageable via app, voice assistants or touch panels.

Home & Building Automation

A connected ecosystem

The Connected Smart Home offer of the ChoruSmart is an evolved ecosystem, made up of EGO Smart smart plates, axial-actuated controls, sensors for detecting environmental parameters, smart actuators with power measurement and control of loads, and battery-free and wireless pushbutton panels.

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