Dedicated to professionals

GEWISS presents software suites dedicated to professionals in the electrical engineering sector, designed to provide valuable support for design activities.

It is possible to produce metric calculations and electrical diagrams, draw up estimates, design electrical systems, configure switchboards, compile declarations of conformity and define the complete documentation to be attached to projects. 

Tech Suite



APPLICATION MANAGER makes easy management and choice of Gewiss Software by detecting the programs installed on the PC allowing also the update. Application Manager shows the non-installed programs facilitating their installation by providing descriptions and manuals regarding the operation and characteristics of each software.
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PBT-Q allows in a simple and quick way to design and estimate the electrical Low voltage installation system. Main functions offered by the software (this tool):
  • Drawing of the electrical scheme
  • Calculation of the parameters of the electric system
  • Automatic or manual configuration of the structure
  • Thermic verification
  • Auxiliary circuits draw
  • Measure circuits draw
  • Estimation of the system
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CADpro is an easy to use software for designing electrical systems for residential and service industry applications. The programme can be used independently (AutoCAD not required). It has a two-dimensional CAD engine with all the main AutoCAD commands (layer, grid, filters, block management etc.).
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PRICE is the reference software for the electricity sector with the quotation of all the items of metric calculation (labor, materials), for the entire residential and tertiary system. The program can be used autonomously, to carry out metric calculations and estimates or by importing the data processed by the other GEWISS Technical Software.
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ENERGYpro makes it easy to configure AS, ASC or DBO type switchboards from among those provided by the GEWISS switchboard system and to automatically draw up the technical documentation required by the standards. The first step is to compile the project data (client, plant and all the data required to be able to draw up the final documentation correctly). Once the data has been entered, it is possible to proceed to compose the framework in 2 different ways:  
  • CERTIFICATION, to select a cetified board;
  • BUDGETING, to compose and estimate a board.
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FTTH is an online software that can be installed on a PC and can be used by any device connected to the Internet (smartphone, tablet or PC) with which it is possible to configure FTTH fiber optic systems. The program is managed by a simple auto-composition system that allows you to define various information (number of homes, distances and types of signals available), thus obtaining a topographical scheme of the system and the related devices necessary for its implementation. At the end of the configuration it is possible to export the documentation including material list and topographical scheme.
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Online tools conceived and designed to facilitate the work of installers and electrical designers, allowing them to speed up the design of an electrical system and automatically create a list of components.

Plugin Suite



Plugin for BIM design with Gewiss products, with the plugin will be possible to insert single Gewiss products or composition directly in the project created by Autodesk REVIT®. 
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PlugIn for the professional design of light with Gewiss products for use with the software DIALUX® .
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PlugIn for the professional design of light with Gewiss products for use with the software RELUX®.
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Plugin with the technical designs (1:1 scale) for the GEWISS products included in the catalogue, in this way is possible to create compositions or to insert the constructive details in Autodesk AUTOCAD®.
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Product Suite



ZIGBEE allows to create and manage a ZigBee network and all the ZigBee devices connected. The software works with the USB/ZigBee interface GWA1706.
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TEST allows you to always keep under control the automatic reset systems of the ReStart and AUTOTEST family connected to the BUS communication network. It also allows you to supervise a Startec Net series emergency lamp system through the control of the NemoDin Plus control panels.  
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<p>NEMO DATA</p>


NEMO DATA allows you to covert the data file exported by the NEMO DIN PLUS GW81379 in TXT or XLS format. The software creates a table with the emergency installation state as request by the standards. In the table is possible to see all the devices data and the test executed on them.
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KNX contains databases with all GEWISS products of the KNX series that can be used with programming software for ETS 3 and ETS 4 home automation systems, while for the latest ETS 5 version, both databases can be imported.
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<p>IP CAMERA</p>


IP CAMERA allows to create a configuration file for the association of IP cameras with the Gewiss Home Automation supervisor Smart Gateway GWA9000.
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HAPPY HOME allows to configure and customize the graphic interface and the connection parameters of the “HAPPY HOME” APP for the KNX domotic system. The configuration consists in importing the ETS or the Easy Controller project (for KNX or KNX Easy systems) into the HAPPY HOME Configurator software, creating the desired customizations and exporting into a format suitable for the mobile device (smartphone or tablet).
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GRAPHIC KNX allows you to create and customize the graphical interface for Master ICE panels and the KNX home automation supervision “Base” and “Plus” software, using icons, pictures and planimetries. The configuration is carried out by importing the ETS file project and creating the association between the graphical icons and the group addresses of the KNX system.
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EASY is the software for the configuration and commissioning of GEWISS KNX Easy systems consisting of up to 256 devices. It requires a PC and a KNX bus access interface (e.g. KNX/USB interface GW90706S or GW90706B) to connect all Easy devices on the bus.
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DMX allows you to reduce the data entry time for the various scenography setting. Software for the firmware update of DMX unit GW85691 and for the preset and programs DMX compilation.
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Mobile Apps



Thanks to the SMART GATEWAY, managing the home automation system is simple and intuitive, with the possibility of also remotely controlling lighting, roller shutters and blinds, scenarios, temperature and humidity in each room, the burglar alarm system and video cameras.   The new Gewiss APP also allows you to check your home's energy consumption at any time, as well as to set timers, logic functions, control loads and irrigation.
  In order to work, the APP requires a Gewiss Smart Gateway connected to the system and the payment of an annual fee.
  The configuration of the APP is carried out using the online software GEWISS IoT Configurator, which can be reached via the link below.
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The APP allows you to control and visualise lighting, shutters, blinds, configure and run scenarios, adjust the temperature and humidity of each room, check energy consumption, and manage the burglar alarm system.
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The APP allows to control and program THERMO ICE WiFi from Android mobile devices. With THERMO ICE APP you can manage, in a easy way, your heating/cooling system from your mobile device: you need a Gewiss THERMO ICE WiFi thermostat on your plant. You can see the current room measured temperature and temperature set point, the HVAC mode (comfort, pre-comfort, economy, off) and a feedback if your heating/cooling system is working or not. You can modify the current and programmed setpoint or the HVAC mode wherever you are.
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<p>THERMO ICE 2.0</p>


With the APP THERMO ICE 2.0 you can manage, in an easy way, your heating/cooling and humidification/dehumidification system from your mobile device: you need a Gewiss wall-mount THERMO ICE Wi-Fi thermostat (GW16970CB, GW16970CN, GW16970CT) in your plant. You can see the current room measured temperature and temperature set point, the relative humidity, the HVAC mode (comfort, pre-comfort, economy, off) and a feedback if your heating/cooling system is working or not. You can modify the current and programmed setpoint or the HVAC mode wherever you are.
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ReStart Autotest can be connected to the Internet, providing information regarding the system status at all times. GEWISS app enables users to monitor the status of the residual current device in real time, operating self-diagnosis remotely. You can monitor the details about date, time and outcomes of the most recent Autotest operation. In case of single-phase system, you can monitor the main electrical parameters of the system (consumed and produced energy, power, current and voltage). With the app, you will always know what is happening on your system.
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With the TimerOn APP you can:
  • Create daily and weekly programs to switch electrical devices on and off;
  • Associate, synchronize and change the settings of every time switch autonomously;
  • Identify, modify and copy all the programs that have been set on the relevant time and astronomical switches, at any moment;
  • Obtain settings (date, time, coordinates) automatically and transfer them to the time switch;
  • Switch channels manually.
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JOINON is the application dedicated to electric mobility supporters that allows you to identify and search for charging stations and use the public top-up service.   MAIN APP FUNCTIONS:
  • Geolocalisation on the map of the recharging stations available
  • Activation of an assisted navigation system to reach the recharging stations
  • Visualisation of the types of socket-outlet available at the selected recharging station
  • Visualisation of prices for using the recharging service
  • Possibility to set recharging station search filters
  • Top-up of the wallet associated with your account
  • Activation, monitoring and management of the recharging process
  • Acceptance of invoices for recharging operations carried out
  • Visualisation of the recharging log
  • Creation of a “favourites” list for recharging stations
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The App allows you to control your I-CON charging station from mobile devices.Using Bluetooth Low Energy communication, you can easily configure the charging station by choosing between the following modes: ECO or DLM. With the ECO mode you can set the desired charging power among the preset values and, in addition, you can decide whether to set the charging start and end time.
In DLM mode, your wallbox dynamically adapts the charging power to the electric vehicle according to the use of other household loads.
Simply complete the configuration to start charging.
The App also allows you to update the wallbox firmware. A convenient function to keep your wallbox always up-to-date.
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Manage all the functions of your home with simple commands. With Home Gateway App you can turn on, turn off or adjust the intensity of lights, move blinds, run scenarios, adjust temperature and more. With Home Gateway App you can control all Zigbee devices connected to the Home Gateway: thermostats, dimmable lights, controlled outlets, scenes and more.
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