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Software for certification and budgeting of boards for building sites, campings-piers and distribution.

ENERGYpro permits to configure the TTA, ACS or DBO boards by simply choosing among the panels foreseen by Pre-fitted system and automatically draws up the technical documentation foreseen by the Standards. The first step is the compilation of the project data (buyer, system and all the necessary data in order to draw up the final documentation correctly). For the board composition, you can choose between 2 different panel selection mode:

CERTIFICATION, to select a cetified board;
BUDGETING, to compose and estimate a board.

The software proposes a series of simple and intuitive icons for an easy choice of the general board features (TTA, ACS or DBO, wired or not wired, IP rating, etc…), and the type of case and socket outlet. At this point, ENERGYpro automatically shows all the circuitscorresponding to the choices made and all the cases suitable to the various circuits foreseen by Pre-fitted system.
Once selected the desired case and circuit, the next step is theassembling of the board: the various components proposed are selected on the basis of the type of assembling foreseen for that particular enclosure.

You can freely choose the enclosure. After, you can choose the components. At the end of the composition, you can draw the electrical circuit: to draw the circuit you have to drag the components (previously selected) displaied on the video.
At the end of the composition you can modify the panel.
To complete the panel, it is also possible to add on any accessories required.
Therefore, the quotation is automatically drawn up: the software visualises the total cost of the board and selected accessories, with the possibility to apply a discount and to fill in the field referred to the manual labour.
Finally, all documentation can be selected and printed out:

- Cover;
- Quotation;
- Plate of the panel;
- CE declaration;
- GEWISS conformity declaration;
- Individual test list;
- Scheme of the main technical data;
- List of the components used;
- Diagram of unifilar connection;
- Diagrams of the possible additional devices;
- Front of panel with component disposition;
- Warning (in case of free budgeting);
- Print selection tables.

All the documents are exported in a single PDF file.

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