Control and program the THERMO ICE Wi-Fi from iOS and Android mobile devices

The app allows you to control and program THERMO ICE Wi-Fi from Android mobile devices. With the THERMO ICE app, you can manage, in an easy way, your heating/cooling system from your mobile device: you need a Gewiss THERMO ICE Wi-Fi thermostat in your plant.

You can see the current measured room temperature and the set temperature, the HVAC mode (comfort, pre-comfort, economy, off) and feedback on whether your heating/cooling system is working or not. You can modify the current and programmed setpoint or the HVAC mode wherever you are.


With the app, you can program a daily scheduled temperature profile in order to plan the desired temperature at every time of the day or activate the self-learning function that, after learning your habits, generates a program in an automatic way.

The connection to the THERMO ICE Wi-Fi is made easy and implemented through a cloud server. Cloud services are free and do not require a subscription fee. All users can control one or more thermostats that are associated with their account.

A DEMO mode is also available to test the app if you still haven’t purchased a THERMO ICE WiFi.


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