HAPPY HOME is the new Gewiss app for local and remote management of the KNX installation from mobile devices (tablet, smartphone)

The app allows you to control and visualise lighting, shutters and blinds, configure and run scenarios, adjust the temperature and humidity of each room, check energy consumption, and manage the burglar alarm system.


HAPPY HOME requires no server to communicate with your home. Access to the KNX installation is direct: you only need a Gewiss KNX/IP interface connected to the KNX bus to be able to manage up to five simultaneous connections. Access to the KNX installation takes place in real time, either locally, via the home Wi-Fi network, or remotely, via an Internet connection. HAPPY HOME allows you to configure environments, objects, commands and statuses directly from the ETS or Easy Controller without the need for a graphic editor.


A simple translation tool for the project file format allows names and icons to be customised quickly. It is possible to create a structure comprising 8 zones and 32 different environments and manage from 64 (easy mode) to 300 (system mode) function blocks.

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