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GEWISS joins IFTTT, the platform that manages all Home & Building Automation functions from a single APP.                               

The advent of the IoT (Internet of Things), and the increasing use of Smart devices in people’s homes, which can be managed by voice assistants or smartphones, encourages the user to request for interconnected solutions that can communicate with each other, and with the domestic systems, even if produced by different brands.

When it comes to look for synchronisation and interconnection, IFTTT is definitely the answer.
The name is the acronym of “If This Then That”, and it is a platform that offers a free intercommunication service between digital devices, featuring as its core value, the ability to make smart objects of different brands and types talk to each other, allowing to manage advanced features, including the Home & Building Automation ones.

GEWISS has now joined the platform, giving the chance to combine its Smart devices with a wide range of scenarios that can be defined and controlled directly by the end user, both via the web and through Apps (Android and iOS).

Specifically, the platform enables the creation of operating logics (applets) that activate the aforementioned scenarios, when certain situations occur.

To understand the potential of the GEWISS/IFTTT cooperation, you just need to log-on to the platform’s website and search for the GEWISS Applet/Services, which offer some pre-defined functions that can be activated in the smart home system through Smart Gateway.

There can be two types of applets:

  • Controlling actions towards the smart home system. For instance:
    • Perform a scenario when a Telegram message is received;
    • Perform a scenario when an event starts on Google Calendar;
    • When I leave or enter the house, perform a scenario (turn off/turn on lights and close/open shutters);
    • Stop irrigation if the weather forecast says it’s going to rain the following;
    • Open/close the shutters if bad weather is expected (thanks to collaboration with a weather app).
  • Notification from the system, for example:
    • if the flood alarm goes off, send me a Telegram message and an email alert.

The applets can be managed easily and directly by the user, who defines the events considered as important, and the actions that have to be performed accordingly. The specific actions that can be selected, depend on the type of applet, and on the configuration of the connected Smart Home Gewiss system.

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