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Introducing new solutions for relaunching the entire supply chain. The proposal was created in the innovative spirit that has always been the driving force for the Company, ready to tackle any upcoming challenges with renewed optimism

Innovation does not mean originality at all costs. Being innovative means having the ability to make changes, in order to achieve the best results in any situation and any context. It means driving change to generate value. First and foremost, this is a social value that lasts over time.

This is how GEWISS does business. This is GEWISS’ story.

Even in recent weeks, despite the emergency situation, the Company has stayed faithful to this way of life, guaranteeing continuity for all our customers and complete safety for everyone who makes up the GEWISS Group.

Today, in order to reaffirm this concept, GEWISS has taken the decision to release onto the market new solutions that fully embrace the large catalogue on offer.

The Company has made this decision to send a strong message to its customers, associates and the entire country.

Our goal is to propose solutions that help people address challenges in an intelligent, intuitive and dynamic way, in every aspect of our everyday life, and above all to generate a myriad of services that will improve the quality of our daily life.

We propose solutions to make the places you live and work everyday safe, comfortable, sustainable and connected, developed following the GEWISS Innovation Path and always in the innovative spirit that has characterised the Company’s fifty year history.

This requires us to interpret contemporaneity to the best of our ability, guiding change in order to start building the world of tomorrow, today.

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