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The partnership between GEWISS and ISEO has given rise to a new system for intelligent access management in the residential and small-scale commercial sectors.

Well-being is a general state of being that embraces health, energy, happiness and a sense of calm and fulfilment. This concept is closely linked to the idea of safety and protection, beginning with the spaces we use every day. In order to give shape to this idea of well-being, GEWISS - a leading player in the world of smart solutions for home & building automation, electric mobility and lighting - has entered into a technological partnership with ISEO Serrature, an Italian company that has been dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of burglar alarms and a range of other products designed for intelligent access management and the safety of individuals for 50 years.

The result of this agreement has led to the integration of the GEWISS Smart Home platform and the ISEO Argo Smart series of electronic opening devices, creating an intelligent access control system designed for use in the residential and small-scale commercial sectors.

The Smart Gateway is at the core of the GEWISS Smart Home system; this technology uses the Cloud platform, where all the information from the home and from the internet converges. Smart Gateway represents the beating heart of an ecosystem in which a number of different solutions coexist, "talking" harmoniously with one another and ensuring well-being throughout the home. Thanks to the integration of this system with the Argo Smart access control devices by ISEOaccessing the home is now even faster, easier and safer, and users can also control locking and unlocking remotely with a simple touch of the finger, on a PC, smartphone or other device running iOS, Android and Win10.

The Smart Gateway app enables users to take advantage of all of the access functions in a simple, intuitive manner, both locally and remotely. Featuring modern graphics and commands for each object to be displayed and managed, the app brings the well-being and safety of the home even closer.

Because controlling and managing a property remotely means making everyday life more comfortable and convenient.


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