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Apr 2019
Gewiss Stadium, the new home of Atalanta
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Two great teams, emblems of Bergamo’s identity and excellence, whose paths and destinies cross on the playing field. Two great entrepreneurial families, Bosatelli and Percassi, have decided to work side by side to make Bergamo a great city, starting with its most recognisable and well-loved icon: ATALANTA. This is the basis that has inspired the partnership between GEWISS and the Nerazzurri club and that will lead to the creation of the new Bergamasque stadium, a futuristic structure that will be named the GEWISS STADIUM.


The agreement between GEWISS and ATALANTA is so much more than a sponsorship – it is the result of an exciting and fascinating journey that starts with the desire to make Bergamo a hothouse of innovative ideas and projects of shape and substance, to achieve the most ambitious goals and be recognised as a top-ranking Italian and European city.


The decision to join the name of GEWISS to the Nerazzurri colours stemmed from a desire to forge a link with our beautiful city and contribute to the achievement of the most ambitious sporting goals, both in Italy and in Europe. Bergamo and the people of Bergamo deserve a modern, innovative and avant-garde stage where they can demonstrate their attachment to the Nerazzurri team, experiencing the incredible thrill that only football and sport provide.


The agreement with ATALANTA reinforces the GEWISS commitment to supporting sports and the millions of athletes, young people and adults who dedicate their energy and passion to sport every day. The journey we started with the Digital Sport Innovation project is aimed at the renovation of sports facilities throughout the country. We want to contribute to the growth of the Italian sports movement by putting our experience and know-how at the disposal of all the Italian sports federations, as we have already done with the Lega Nazionale Dilettanti [National Amateur League], Lega Nazionale Pallacanestro [National Basketball League] and Federazione Italiana Hockey [Italian Hockey Federation]. Ensuring safe and efficient facilities for sports means creating the right conditions for millions of athletes to socialise, meet, grow and compete with each other on a daily basis, to surpass their limits, overcome the most demanding personal challenges and share both success and defeat. They are places where young athletes may, perhaps, become champions, but will certainly become adults.


“It gives us great satisfaction to welcome Gewiss, which, from the 2019–2020 season, will officially become part of the Atalanta family”, says Luca PERCASSI, CEO of ATALANTA B.C. “Another outstanding company from the Bergamo area joins its name to that of Atalanta. Gewiss will support our club in a project that is close to the hearts of all our fans: the redevelopment of the stadium. For those passionate about the Nerazzurri colours, it is more than a stadium, it is Atalanta’s home, the home of all our fans, and which will be named the “Gewiss Stadium” from 1 July. The link with Gewiss is more than a partnership, it is a desire to work together on a project of great value to Bergamo and all the people of Bergamo.”


As part of its partnership with ATALANTA, GEWISS will supply the Bergamesque club with its team of professionals and experts to light the pitch and the stands and for the management, protection and distribution of power in all the internal and external areas of the future stadium.


A partnership that has already led to the renovation of the lighting systems of the “Achille & Cesare Bortolotti” Training Centre in Zingonia and that sees the future GEWISS STADIUM as just the first step on a long journey together: the surprises in store for the Nerazzurri fans certainly won’t stop here, but will be revealed at the press conference in July, when the agreement between GEWISS and ATALANTA officially begins.

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