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Sep 2023
The Gewiss Group presents the Sustainability Reports and the 2023 Sustanability Week
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With an opening event which involved, among other guests, representatives of political and academic institutions, the GEWISS Group presented its first Sustainability Report and the Sustainability Week 2023 initiative.


The Report, which in this first edition saw the production of two separate documents (one for GEWISS and one for PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING) but united by the strategies common to the Group, was created following the indications of the Sustainable Development Goals – SDG) of the United Nations, as well as the most recognized reporting principles, the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards, published by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).


Each company presented a shared and concrete roadmap of results and commitments in the social, economic and environmental fields, starting from some key points: designing innovative and sustainable products, applying the principles of ecodesign and encouraging collaborations useful for research and development; ensure customer satisfaction and truthful information on the environmental impact of products; promote the use of low-impact processes, materials and services, to enhance natural resources and reduce waste throughout the entire life cycle of the product.


“The two documents – commented Paolo CERVINI, CEO of GEWISS Group, during the presentation evening – tell about us, our daily commitments and the results we have achieved. They tell us about our goals for the future, which we want to pursue by continuing to preserve our DNA and building our own path, driven by the values of integrity, excellence and sustainability. The contents expressed therefore represent the Group's commitment towards a truly sustainable development path, capable of making our company and all our stakeholders more aware, sustainable and resilient. Because we are convinced that change arises from our aspirations but above all from our actions and the positive effects that derive from them."


Within the framework of the common sustainability roadmap, a series of programs has been defined which, each for the ESG issues previously identified by the Group, allow the achievement of the sustainability focuses considered to be priorities.

The Group's first Sustainability Week

Approximately 2,200 employees involved, over 20 face-to-face and virtual themed workshops, 5 volunteer initiatives for offices in Italy and abroad, an international video contest: these are the numbers of the first Sustainability Week of the GEWISS Group which, by with the publication of the first Sustainability Report of the two Group companies, it bears witness to their commitment to consolidating the path towards sustainable growth. Until 15 September, a five-day event that offers all employees the opportunity to discuss sustainability issues directly and interactively, raising their awareness of the adoption of responsible behaviour.


The first edition of Sustainability Week will close with a major event at the GEWISS Experience Center (GEC) for the Group's employees, with the presence of Chef Davide Oldani, awarded two Michelin Stars and the special "Green Star" recognition, which the prestigious Guide awards those restaurateurs who stand out for their support of local producers, the defense of zero km products and the removal of plastic and other non-recyclable materials from their supply chains. As well as for sustainable actions relating to the fight against food waste, the cultivation of one's own products and involvement in educational and charitable projects.


The Chef will participate with a speech on attention to human resources, nutrition and circular cooking, and will close with a final show cooking for those present.


“These will be days – concluded Cerviniexciting and full of participation, in all the locations of our Clusters. In addition to the in-person and streaming workshops, the Group's collaborators will be directly involved in volunteering initiatives in many territories in which we are present. Our commitment with stakeholders in different regions of the world helps us even more to deepen our roots in the territory and relationships with local communities, to which we have always felt strongly linked.


All the activities of our first Sustainability Week are designed, organized and proposed by people and for people. The people who represent the heart of human capital, the most precious asset for our Group. A capital to be respected, preserved and grown. Also thanks to shared Values and Behaviors, which in turn allow us to create good in the territories in which we have been and will be present. To contribute, already today, to truly sustainable development." 

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