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Apr 2023
A Policy to enhance inclusion and diversity
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GEWISS announces the officialization of the Diversity&Inclusion Policy, based on 5 main pillars: gender equity, generations, ability, interculturality and thought.


This announcement further confirms the importance that GEWISS gives to human capital, engine for the success of the organization and for the creation of value for the company and its stakeholder.


GEWISS believes that diversity and plurality contribute to an open, stimulating and innovative working environment. Furthermore, an inclusive culture promotes the effectiveness of decision-making processes thanks to a wealth of skills, opinions and perspectives that guide innovation, enabling rapid and targeted responses to market changes, promoting sustainable improvements in business performance and fostering effective and virtuous behaviours.


Throughout the promotion of Diversity & Inclusion within the company (during the next months, a dedicated action plan on the individualized priorities will be developed), GEWISS contributes to the achievment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), defined by the United Nations 2030 Agenda, confirming the commitment to become an increasingly sustainable company.


The document can be viewed and downloaded from both the DOWNLOAD area and the specific section of the GEWISS website dedicated to the Group's Sustainability Project.



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