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May 2024
A unique vision of light, in all its shapes
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GEWISS and PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING announce, for the first time since the integration of the two companies, a merger of their know-how to create an offering that promises to enrich the lighting market with the expertise of both.


The new proposal covers applications ranging from hospitality to retail and healthcare, from office to industrial, from residential to lighting for sports facilities, urban and large areas, and ending with urban and street lighting.


The website will be the single point of reference for industry professionals, who will be able to consult the Group's entire lighting offering on a single channel.


The Gewiss site, on the other hand, will maintain a rich editorial content on Lighting, guiding the user experience and directing them to the PIL portal at the product in-depth stage.


Alfonso D'Andretta, managing director of GEWISS' Lighting Business Unit, declared: “We are excited to announce our new and strengthened offering in the world of lighting, combining the expertise from our two companies with decades of experience in the industry. We have decided to take the expertise of both brands to the next level, strengthening our position globally, while taking into account the specific differences of each market”.

"We are proud to present ourselves with this new energy and completeness of range to lighting professionals, designers and end customers, sharing a passion for design, quality and meticulous attention to detail," says D'Andretta.


A synergy that blends passion, excellence and innovation in the continuous search for innovative lighting solutions and in harmony with people and the environment.

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