Welfare and initiatives for employees

Gewiss has experimented with and accepted the principles of Smart Working. These principles do not only offer people the possibility of working remotely. They have also led the company into developing a new way of functioning, where people work according to objectives and results; they enjoy flexibility and autonomy, therefore holding responsibility for what they do. This has greatly contributed to improving performance and engagement as well as increasing people’s motivation at work.

To date, Gewiss counts 700 smart workers who share the opportunity of working outside the company for a maximum of 10 days per month.

Gewiss strives to ensure a fair work-life balance for its employees every day. For this reason, it has defined a Welfare Plan, which allows people to benefit from a variety of services, offers, and the related tax benefits that this choice entails (a direct tax-free reimbursement of expenditures when the chosen services relate to education, health, leisure, sport, mobility or travel).

The Welfare platform Gewiss has chosen is the Italian leader in the management of plans dedicated to employees’ well-being. Its aim is the same as ours: promoting the reconciliation between private and working life, as well as offering to our employees the possibility of enjoying tax-exempt goods and services in order to make the most of their money.

We are convinced that this initiative represents a further important step in the evolution of Gewiss.


Some first-hand experiences from our employees:

“I was able to create a gaming station thanks to some Amazon vouchers” – Marco

“I found tickets for the F1 Grand Prix in Monza and I managed to take my daughters with me as well” – Luca

“Thanks to the direct tax-free reimbursement, I was able to buy school books for my son” – Martina

“I was able to organise a weekend in Paris with my boyfriend” Silvia

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