Code: GWA9141

Range: Home&Building Pro
Home & Building PRO system

Wired system based on the KNX international standard protocol, suitable for advanced automation solutions for residential solutions and small-to-medium offices. The offer is highly customisable, complete with all functions and can be integrated with third-party devices and systems (video intercom, smart locks, entertainment). It can be controlled via the APP, voice assistants or touch panels. With Home and Building PRO, you can also manage ZigBee devices and communicate with the Google Home IoT platforms, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT. 

Technical Info

Supply voltage 100-240 V ac - 50-60 Hz
No. input channels 2
Valves and fan output 0-10V, max 10mA
Fan relay contacts 6A (AC1) 250 V ac
Additional relay contacts 16A (AC1) 250 V ac
No. DIN modules 4
Ware Number 85364190

Technical manual (IT)

User guide (ES-PT-RO-AR)

Energy Label

ETS4-ETS5 Data Base

User guide (IT-EN-FR-DE)

User guide (TR-HU)

Technical manual (EN)

Technical characteristics - IT

Technical characteristics - EN


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APP for managing the KNX home automation system

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KNX 25/16517/20

CE - FT000

CHARACTERISTICS: actuator for the command of fan coils with 0-10V proportional heating/cooling valves and up to 3 fan levels (or with 0-10V proportional output) in 2- and 4-pipe systems. Equipped with an additional progrmmable relay (eg: to control a heating/cooling battery or as a switching output) and two potential-free inputs for windows contact or temperature probe sensor (es: GWA9145) and condensate monitoring. The device has frontal Test buttons (for a simple check of fan levels and heating/cooling switching during the setup steps) and 9 signalling leds for the operation status. Regulation is via an external control variable or the integrated ambient thermostat (in the latter case it is necessary to add the temperature probe sensor). To be configured via ETS software.
APPLICATIONS: KNX timed thermostats and thermostats  that can be used with the fan coil actuators GWA9140 and GWA9141:
- THERMO ICE KNX surface-mounting thermostat GW16976CB/CN/CT: for controlling all the functions of the fan coil actuators (that shall be configured to work with kind of used controller "remote controller") and commanding the fan in both automatic and manual mode.
- THERMO ICE KNX flush-mounting thermostat GW16974CB/CN/CT: attention - this thermostat can only be used in KNX-SYSTEM mode (configurable with ETS). For controlling the fan coil actuators (that shall be configured to work with kind of used controller "remote controller") and commanding the fan in automatic mode only - i.e. the thermostat conveys the valve opening request (0..100% byte) to the fan coil actuators, which automatically define the fan speed; the fan speed cannot therefore be controlled via the thermostat. 
- Other KNX SYSTEM timed thermostats, thermostats and probes: attention - these models permit only limited use of the control functions of the fan coil actuators (that shall be configured to work with kind of used controller "remote controller"), so their validity should be evaluated for the individual situation on the basis of the application requisites. 
- KNX EASY timed thermostats, thermotats and probes: attention - these models cannot be used to control the fan coil actuators.
NOTES: equipped with coupling terminal for connection to BUS.

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