Corporate Governance

We operate with transparency while protecting the interest of all stakeholders.

We do this by managing the company through an effective and transparent system of governance.

Governance Documents

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Our system of administration and control is based on integrity and transparency and is the means by which we create lasting value for shareholders and all stakeholders.

Do you want to report violations of ethical principles, company rules and procedures, or regulations in force?

The company has adopted communication channels for reporting, including anonymously, in order to ensure an adequate flow of information about anomalies or violations with regard to the rules of ethical and legal behaviour prepared by the company or provided for by legal regulations.

These are the additional different channels you can use to send your report:

  • send an email to ia-odv@gewiss.com
  • mail delivery into the boxes for "reports to the Supervisory Board" affixed on the main bulletin boards of Gewiss sites in Italy
  • letter – personal confidential – to: Head of Internal Auditing c/o Gewiss S.p.A., via A. Volta 1, 24069 Cenate Sotto (BG) ITALY


The Head of Internal Auditing maintains, in all cases, absolute confidentiality concerning the identity of whistleblowers.



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