City Landscape

City Landscape

Outdoor electrical installations entail execution issues that have different challenges and requirements to those of standard interior installations. With over 20,000 products in its catalogue, GEWISS’s offer is the only one on the market that can cater for any system requirement. They include domotics, energy and lighting solutions that are seamlessly integrated in any type of context.

Parking & Garden | Parking | Street | Square and Pedestrian Area



In modern times, goods handling is seen as a strategically managed activity that improves the efficiency of a whole company. This is why GEWISS has developed a full system consisting of lighting and electrical system products, which is capable of providing ideal lighting conditions and the ongoing efficiency of machinery in all logistical areas.

Airport | Cargo | Land/Rail/Water Transport



GEWISS provides a complete system for the lighting of sports fields, changing rooms, stalls, car parks, technical rooms, warehouses and offices, such as devices for the command, management, protection and distribution of energy for all indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

Indoor Sports | Outdoor Sports | Stadium and Arena



GEWISS provides solutions for industrial manufacturing facilities, ensuring the safety of employees while maximising the efficiency of devices, equipment and machinery. Supplying lighting, electrical protection and industrial connections means Gewiss can provide a complete electrical installation system for all kinds of industrial premises.

Food | Heavy | Manufacturing | Mining | Logistics



In office environments, energy continuity and the right lighting are two of the pre-requisites required to work under the best possible conditions. GEWISS can provide a full system of devices for energy take-off and distribution, as well as LED devices for comfortable and efficient lighting.

Educational Institution | Private Building | Public Building



GEWISS’s domotics system provides ideal solutions for hospitality suites, including smart building control devices and energy protection and distribution systems. Our domotics range manages and controls, even remotely, everything (lights, scenarios, temperature, air quality) that impacts well-being and the quality of the stay.

Camping | Hotels & Restaurants | Museums & Libraries | Theatres



In buildings providing medical services, the GEWISS domotics system supports the management of system functions from a single point, controlling all areas and managing their lighting, temperature and the closing/opening of access points.

Hospitals | Medical Centres | Retirement Homes



The GEWISS Building Automation system is perfectly integrated into any commercial sector context. It is a tool that enables managing the automation of all of the main functions of a facility (air-conditioning, lighting, motorised systems). GEWISS, moreover, supplies a complete system for the electrification of all types of environments, guaranteeing efficiency and safety.

DIY Stores | Service Stations | Shops | Shopping Centres | Supermarkets



The GEWISS complete Home Automation system integrates perfectly into most residential contexts. It is a tool to control the automation of all of the main functions (air-conditioning, lighting, motorised systems). GEWISS also supplies products for the electrification of all types of environments, guaranteeing efficiency and safety.

Apartments | Residences | Villas

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