The heart of the GEWISS offer is represented by energy connection, distribution, derivation and transport systems. A complete range of innovative products, Made in Italy, and designed to create plant solutions that satisfy any installation need.

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Industrial connection with no limits

Industrial plugs and sockets, wall-mounting distribution boards, distribution boards for construction sites, interlocked sockets: an integrated system of state-of-the-art industrial connections, both at a technical and safety level. Products that look beyond, designed and built to meet all needs, even the most complex. A complete and innovative offer, which makes GEWISS the ideal partner for energy management and distribution systems in the industrial sector.

La connessione industriale senza limiti

The evolution of energy distribution and derivation

For energy distribution and derivation in wall-mounting and flush-mounting applications, GEWISS has created a complete and innovative offer of versatile solutions, easy to install and able to guarantee maximum safety to people and things. Products that look beyond, designed and built to bring energy to any place and installation environment: distribution boards, junction boxes and enclosures for special systems.

L'evoluzione della distribuzione e derivazione di energia

Energy for every need

A complete range of products that allows for the creation of wall-mounting and flush-mounting electrical systems for every installation need and with the highest quality guaranteed by 50 years of constant research. Solutions consisting of a wide range of rigid, pliable and pliable self-recovering low-smoke, zero-halogen protective conduits, spiral sheaths, installation accessories, trunking systems and metal cabletrays.

L'energia passa da qui

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