Light quality and smart lighting systems provide the best planning solutions of Italian design, creating an offer that contributes to the well-being of people and the environment.

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Adaptive and intelligent LED street lighting as a basic service for the cities of the future.

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If you love sport, bring it to light

GEWISS creates cutting-edge LED lighting solutions for sports facilities and large areas, capable of ensuring intelligent and sustainable lighting that contributes to improving the quality of light, limiting energy consumption and reducing light pollution.

Energy management represents one of the most delicate aspects both for the safety of athletes and professionals and for energy efficiency: GEWISS responds to this need by offering an integrated system of plant solutions that guarantees maximum efficiency and functionality for all sports facilities, in any climatic and atmospheric condition.

Diamo luce allo sport

Solidity, functionality and energy conservation

In industrial applications, lighting accounts for over 40% of consumption. Choosing the right solution can optimise energy efficiency as well as lighting performance, improving the visual task of the operators and favouring the development of processes. The high-quality materials guarantee high resistance of the luminaires in any application environment.

Solidità, funzionalità e risparmio energetico

Sustainability, efficiency and well-being in urban lighting

Is it possible to meet the needs of public administrations to design the city of the future? What are the objectives of the Smart City? Respect for the environment, energy conservation and people’s well-being. For this, Gewiss presents a program of smart systems and solutions that allows you to improve the safety and efficiency of the city in a simple and intuitive way. Offering complete solutions from design, to supply, to turnkey installation, to maintenance plans, in a totally flexible way.

Sostenibilità, efficienza e benessere nell'illuminazione urbana

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