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Aug 2023
Gewiss Romania is a "Great Place To Work"
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GEWISS Romania SRL obtained the Great Place to Work® Italy certification, award given to those companies that “pay attention to the quality of their organizational culture and working environment and have a relational model based on mutual trust”.


The certification allows companies to be recognized as top organizations in the job market, demonstrating that they have high-quality human resources processes, relationships between employees based on trust, motivated people with a high level of commitment, high attractiveness to the job market and to top talent, people who take pride in the company and their working environment, people who are productive, collaborative, and innovation-oriented.


Gewiss is one of the leading stakeholders in its field, so the opportunity to be connected to technology and the creativity of evolution is provided daily.


Cynthia Slonaru - HR Business Partner North & East Europe Cluster in GEWISS declared: "One of the key reasons to join our team is our collaborative culture and team spirit. At Gewiss, we value diversity and encourage ideas and contributions from every team member. Managers foster a cooperative and results-oriented work environment where everyone feels valued and can contribute.

In addition, we support a healthy work-life balance. We offer flexible working hours, including the possibility to work 10 days a month from home. This approach allows us to adapt to the individual needs of our team members and provide them with a more flexible and harmonious working environment.

Another outstanding aspect is our focus on personal and professional development. We encourage team members to develop their skills and knowledge through relevant training programs and training”.


With this new recognition, the company in Romania confirms its commitment to promoting a culture of continuous learning, providing opportunities for growth and development for everyone.

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