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Novi Ligure, Italy

600,000 kWh of energy savings on consumption levels that had previously reached an incredible 1,000,000 kWh. This is the first dazzling fact that emerged following the full relamping of the Elah Dufour Novi group facility in Novi Ligure (AL). The project involved more than 11,000 square metres of storage, warehouses, packaging and production space, perimeter areas, car parks and offices.


The expert combination of devices provided by GEWISS for the project also led to an increase in light levels of up to 40% in the various areas of the facility, despite the fact that the number of devices installed remains unaltered. Various configurations of Smart [4] and Astrid for interior areas and Street [O3] for outside were used for the project. 1550 cutting-edge technological solutions.


All bearing the GEWISS brand.

Products used

SMART [4]<br /> 
Highbay LED
Highbay LED
STREET [O3] range<br />Street lighting LED system
Street lighting
STREET [O3] range
Street lighting LED system

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