Crescent Apartments

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Salerno, Italy

With a unique and exclusive view of the entire Gulf of Salerno, the Crescent apartment allows those who choose it as their residence the privilege of enjoying, at any time of day, one of the most admired views in the world. Gewiss has contributed to the prestige of the entire complex with the ChoruSmart ranges, the Thermo ICE thermostat and energy management solutions, including ReStart, the residual current circuit breaker that guarantees continuity of service for the entire electrical system in total safety.

Products used

STREET [O3] range<br />Street lighting LED system
Street lighting
STREET [O3] range
Street lighting LED system
URBAN [O3] range<br />Urban lighting systems
Urban areas, parks and gardens
URBAN [O3] range
Urban lighting systems
90 ReStart Range<br />Automatic reclosing devices
Automatic reclosing devices
90 ReStart Range
Automatic reclosing devices
Connected SMART HOME<br />
Connected Smart Home system
Smart Home & Building
Connected SMART HOME
Connected Smart Home system

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