AUXILIARY CONTACT ISOLATOR - 100A - 125A - 160A + 16A - 100A 6P AND 8P - 1NO+1NC

Code: GW70029

Range: 70 RT HP Range
Rotary isolators

70 RT HP is a complete offer of rotary isolator switches from 16A to 160A, available in boxes both in insulating material and metal, in control or emergency versions, compatible with the main applications for residential, tertiary and industrial contexts. DC versions for photovoltaic applications are also available from 16A to 40A in insulating box. The series is completed with versions for board from 16A to 1000A and for DIN rail fixing from 16A to 63A, which can be equipped with auxiliary contacts. The devices have been designed to reduce wiring time, facilitate installation and guarantee the maximum safety and robustness even in the most demanding conditions.

Technical Info

For isolator 100 A - 125 A - 160 A e 16-100A 6P and 8P
Current in AC15 (230 V) 6
Type of contact 1 NO + 1 NC
Current in AC15 (380 V) 3
Ware Number 85389099

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