Code: GWA1916

Range: Connected SMART HOME
Connected Smart Home system

The connected system, based on the Zigbee wireless protocol, offers a full range of solutions for smart homes and small offices that are suitable for both new buildings and renovations.
It enables you to control safety, comfort and consumption, through a unique user experience, using the Home Gateway APP and EGO Smart plates. The system integrates with the Google Home IoT platforms, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT, and all functions can be controlled with Google and Alexa voice assistants. 

Technical Info

Description Load management relay p-comfort (radio frequency version)
Model Radio frequency version
Rated voltage (V) 230V ac
No. of modules EN 50022 2
Rated current 32 A
Type relay contact Changeover (potential free contact)
Capacity relay contact 16 A AC1 250 V ac
Standard EN 60669-1, EN 60669-2-1, EN 301489-1, EN 301489-17
Rated frequency (Hz) 50
Insulation voltage (Ui) 1000 V
Rated impulse
withstand voltage (Uimp)
1 kV
Section rigid cable Max 6 mm²
Section flexible cable Max 4 mm²
Rigid cable section for contact terminals Max 4 mm²
Flexible cable section for contact terminals Max 2,5 mm²
Operating temperature -5 ÷ +45 °C
Stocking temperature -25 ÷ +70 °C
Absorbed power with In 2 VA
Sound level at 10 cm 85 Db
Max outdoor distance of signal 100 m
Max number of Zigbee devices can be connected 10
Radio protocol ZigBee / IEEE 802.15.4
Output power of signal +8 dBm
Frequency of signal 2.4
Measured sizes Active power (absorbed and supplied), active energy (absorbed and supplied), current, voltage, power factor, frequency
Resetting of energy count Yes
Acoustic warning threshold exceeded Yes
Adjustament power range 0 ÷ 8 kW (3,8 kW default)
Adjustment of non-priority load contact opening delay time 10 ÷ 120 s (45 s default)
Adjustment of non-priority load contact opening time 10 ÷ 255 s (90 s default)
Electrocod 051A
Ware Number 85389099

Product Data Sheet

User guide (IT-EN-FR-DE)

User guide (AR-TR-HR-IW)

Depliant - IT

Configuration manual (IT)

User guide (ES-PT-RO)

User guide (MK-SQ-SL-HU)

System manual and technical characteristics - IT

System manual and technical characteristics - EN


Configuration of the home electrical system

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Estimation of electrical systems

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APP for control and programming of connected devices

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Advanced design of electrical systems

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Management and programming of zigbee systems

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Zigbee certificate GWA1916


APPLICATION: The P-Comfort relay can be installed in electrical systems limited to a maximum power load of 6 kW. In the event of overload due to the simultaneous switching-on of multiple electrical loads, P-Comfort prevents the interruption of electrical power by disconnecting non-preferred loads controlled by ZigBee-connected actuators: GW1x826, GWA1201, GWA1202, GWA1221, GWA1222, GWA1523, GWA1526, GWA1521 or GWA1522, or wired to the relay contact on the device (maximum 10 devices total). The disconnection and reconnection sequence for non-preferred loads can be set by Priority (regardless of load absorption) or by Power (depending on the power absorbed).
NOTES: The Zigbee-connected actuators GW1x826, GWA1201, GWA1202, GWA1221, GWA1222 can only be controlled in combination with the “Home Gateway” GW1x840.

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