Smart plates: why should you choose a smart switch?
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Smart switches are an advanced technology with an aesthetic finish that adapts to any interior design scheme. They allow centralised control of lights, roller shutters and even doors, including garage doors. Installers who adopt these systems can provide their end customers with an innovative device of the utmost reliability, with relatively simple installation needs that do not necessarily involve masonry work or a complete overhaul of household installations.

Why should you install a smart plate?

Through the installation of a smart plate, the user can create a system connected with other devices in the home or office, which can be controlled remotely and conveniently through a smartphone app.


Thus, the home is equipped with an electrical system where all the traditional functions, such as lights, roller shutters and heating, are connected to a single app, which can control them remotely. In addition, it offers useful functions such as monitoring consumption, checking electrical loads and integration with smart devices around the home.


Smart switches reduce consumption and waste by programming the electrical appliances used in the home. All connected domestic appliances, as well as lights, heating and roller shutters, can be controlled remotely, even by voice, as the app has voice recognition and can also be connected to a smart speaker.


Thanks to the smart plate’s intuitive and customisable interface, end users can control their safety, comfort and domestic consumption. All without having to change their old habits of managing traditional systems.


Smart switches are convenient and inexpensive compared to other professional home automation systems, so end users can enjoy the benefit of a system that reduces consumption, and thus bill payments, as well as a device that is simple to install and affordable.

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How to connect a smart plate

The installation and configuration of a smart plate, as previously mentioned, do not normally require any changes in the installer’s working methods, and can be completed in a few standard steps.


The procedure is guided and simple, and should not entail any hindrances: after disconnecting the power, the installer must remove the old switch, connect the live and neutral wires to the smart plate and then place the new relay inside the junction box. The final step is system configuration, which can be done via the smartphone app.  With this final procedure, the device is now connected to the home Wi-Fi and to all other smart furnishing elements.


You can create a system that transforms your living space into a connected smart home, by simply connecting the lights, roller shutters and heating, or else opt for a more advanced third level, which includes the thermostat, sensors, alarms etc.

In this case, all the devices in the house communicate with each other, to ensure the utmost safety and well-being in your home.

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