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Elah Dufour S.p.A.

600,000 kWh of energy savings on consumption levels that had previously reached an incredible 1,000,000 kWh. This is the first dazzling fact that emerged following the full relamping of the Elah Dufour Novi group facility in Novi Ligure (AL). The project involved more than 110,00 square metres of storage, warehouses, packaging and production space, perimeter areas, car parks and offices. The expert combination of devices provided by GEWISS for the project also led to an increase in light levels of up to 40% in the various areas of the facility, despite the fact that the number of devices installed remains unaltered. Various configurations of smart [4] and astrid for interior areas and Street [O3] for outside were used for the project. 1550 cuttingedge technological solutions. All bearing the GEWISS brand.





Datorită noilor LED-uri de ultimă generaţie, întotdeauna combinate cu cele mai eficiente soluţii optice, gama Smart[4] 2.0 garantează performanţe de iluminare excelente, un confort vizual sporit şi o calitate excelentă a luminii.
Cantine Ferrari Winery Projects

Cantine Ferrari Winery

New energy for one of the leading names in Italian wine production. The combination of winning Italian products has proved particularly successful, with the installation of energy distribution boards from the 47 CVX series, selected not only for their elegant design, but also for their compact dimensions and ease of assembly. In the prestigious wine cellars in Trento, at the foot of the dolomite mountain range, a number of protection devices for the din system were also installed.

Industria alimentară Contexts

Industria alimentară

Calitatea produselor din sectoarele industriei alimentare este rezultatul unei selecţii atente în timpul producţiei. Acesta este unul din motivele pentru care GEWISS asigură cea mai bună iluminare pentru mediile industriale, combinată cu tablouri şi prize pentru distribuţia energiei. Este un sistem complet, care garantează maximum de eficienţă şi o siguranţă totală pe întreaga durată a procesului de producţie.

Hutthurmer Brewery Projects

Hutthurmer Brewery

The Hutthurmer brewery is located in Hutthurm, in the southern Bavarian Forest. Today the beverage manufacturer boasts 18 different types of beer, as well as numerous non-alcoholic drinks. The bottling, production and sorting departments in the Bavarian company are fully illuminated by Smart [4] devices by GEWISS, providing savings of over 70% compared to the previous installation, as well as optimal working conditions for all employees.

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