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Tre Torri Business Centre
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Tre Torri Business Centre


Tre Torri este un proiect arhitectural centrat pe design și inovație, perfect integrat în filosofia noului cartier care a fost construit în jurul său. Un cadru modern, care trebuie mobilat într-un stil simplu, dar elegant: aceasta a fost provocarea pentru GEWISS și soluțiile sale de iluminat de urgență. Peste 2.500 de lămpi Startec KNX EIB și Startec Check au fost folosite pentru a asigura iluminatul de urgență pentru întregul complex, însoțit de un software de supraveghere care permite controlul întregului sistem de iluminare.



Flexxi Business Centre Proiecte

Flexxi Business Centre

The modern Flexxi Business Centre in Rome is focused on efficiency, and on achieving a clean, elegant aesthetic impact. What better context could there be to take advantage of the extraordinary versatility of GEWISS solutions for operational installations? Via a series of enclosures, miniature circuit breakers, residual current circuit breakers, junction boxes and fixed interlocked socket-outlets, energy is distributed both safely and consistently throughout the complex, enabling operators to enjoy the best working conditions possible. On the walls, only the modern, linear design of the Chorus titanium plates is visible.

Radio RTL 102.5 Proiecte

Radio RTL 102.5

In the recording studio of the radio station with the most listeners in Italy, lighting is a vital part of daily life. RTL turned to GEWISS devices to equip its Milan facility, where Smart [4] devices are used not only to ensure visual comfort, but also to increase energy efficiency. At RTL, the lights are always on, and the superior efficiency of the system (up to 20% more efficient than standard systems) is certainly appreciated.

Percassi Headquarter Proiecte

Percassi Headquarter

The Percassi Building Group is a construction firm founded in 1963 in Clusone, in Bergamo province, by Santo, Rino and Giuseppe Percassi. The Group has grown over the years, and today it operates in the entire real estate supply chain from contracts to turnkey property services, including a complete after-sales service. The Bergamo-based headquarters, in via Vittorio Emanuele II, sits in the shadow of the Venetian walls that surround the Città Alta (the Upper Town), close to Porta Sant’Agostino. The facility consists of a small building and an attractive outdoor area lit by Point lighting bollards, in our special Blue Green colour - a metallic finish that blends perfectly with the surrounding environment.

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