RESTART RM - TO BE COUPLED WITH MDC - 2 POLES - 1P+N/2P Idn=0,03 A 230 V - 1 MODULE EN 50022

Code: GWD0991

Range: 90 ReStart Range
Automatic reclosing devices

In the event the switch trips, the ReStart devices, after checking the system status, restore the power supply thereby ensuring maximum continuity of service in complete safety.
Available for both residual current circuit breakers and residual current circuit breakers with overcurrent protection, the range is characterized by the Autotest functions, with periodic and automatic control of the residual current protection without interrupting the power supply and PRO with extended control of the system.

Technical Info

Description Automatic reclosing device
Code ReStart Rm 2P
Suitable for RCBO's MDC - 1P+N/2P - 30 mA
Rated voltage AC 230 V
Rated current 6 - 10 - 13 - 16 - 20 -25 - 32 A
No. modules 1
Standard EN 50557
Rated frequency (Hz) 50 - 60 Hz
Distribution system TT - TN-S
Rated non-operating resistance between live parts and earth (Rdo) 8kΩ
Insulation voltage (Ui) 500 V
Rated operating resistance between live parts and earth (Rd) 16 kΩ
Rated impulse
withstand voltage (Uimp)
4 kV
Maximum operating frequency 30 oper./h
Overvoltage category III
Mechanical endurance 4000
Dielectric strength test voltage between pole and earth 2500 Vac for 1 minute
Type of residual current protection AC - A - A[IR] - F
Rated residual operating current 30 mA
Operating temperature -5 +40 °C
Stocking temperature -40 +70 °C
Automatic reclosure for untimely tripping Yes
Earth failure test Yes
Continuous system monitoring No
Number of poles 2P
Electrocod 1414
Compatibility with WiFi interface No
Ware Number 85362010

Product Data Sheet

Depliant - IT

User guide

Technical characteristics - DE

Technical characteristics - EN

Brochure – EN

Brochure – IT


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Marcatura CE - FT107

CHARACTERISTICS: after RCBO has tripped, ReStart checks the insulation and the short circuit prior to the automatic reclosure. In the event of a fault (earth leakage or short circuit), ReStart will not reset the circuit breaker.
NOTE: the ARD must be supplied at 230 Vac phase-neutral.

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