Interior designers’ preferred solutions and future trends
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The new interior design trends have one thing in common: a return to nature. Decorations, paintings and textiles are adorned with floral patterns, the bedroom colours take their cue from earth tones, and plants are an indispensable item of furnishing in the living room.

The future is in the materials: alongside classic wood and natural raw materials, there is extensive research into innovative solutions with a low environmental footprint.

We discover the colours, materials and trends celebrated by international events – starting with the Salone del Mobile 2022 in Milan – which are a primary source of inspiration for designers and installers.

Colour trends in Interior Design

The colour of the year is Very Peri according to the Pantone Institute, a colour from the blue family that “has a lively and joyful attitude, a dynamic presence that encourages daring creativity and imaginative expressiveness.”

Design Week has seen an emphasis on metallic shades and a predilection for intense, nature-inspired tones: bright colours such as orange or more subdued colours such as sage green are dispersed across the furniture and walls, breaking the monotony of neutral beiges and greys.


Living and lighting trends 2022: Comfort Living

Covid has changed habits and highlighted the importance of comfort within the home: technology is used for innovative solutions for sound insulation and noise reduction, and even for improving air quality.

This task is carried out by lighting able to eliminate the bacterial load through anodised filters with integrated silver ions and UV light.

Home automation systems are integrated into the lighting devices or into general household appliances, simplifying everyday actions. Lamps regulate the flow of light using increasingly refined touch technologies and voice-controlled appliances.

The choice of multifunctional and transformable furnishings is proof of a change of lifestyle within the home in the wake of the pandemic.


Technology in service of sustainability: Materials

Furnishing items and coatings must have ecological certification guaranteeing reduced environmental impact, a sustainable production chain and low energy consumption.

Technology bridges the gap between design and sustainability. Leading companies offer lines that banish plastic, preferring its recycled version, and research new sustainable polymers for designer furniture.

Wood maintains its place among the preferred materials: a traditional and quality material used for warm and inviting flooring (with the bleached and artificial effects being dropped) and furniture with modern functionality.


Flooring trends 2022, from stoneware to parquet

Parquet – sourced from certified forests – returns to an authentic look, with natural colours and textured-effect surface processing. Planks come in maxi formats with American walnut and cherry wood alongside the classic oak.

Porcelain stoneware is confirmed as an indispensable choice for floor coverings for its practical qualities and versatility: in 2022, it is offered in large-format tiles that provide continuity to the surface covered. Natural colours are top of the list: nature’s harmony is celebrated with earthy palettes and neutral tones such as grey, white and beige.


The new challenge for interior designers is to achieve aesthetic harmony through furnishings that are not only beautiful but also ecologically sound. Beauty and environmental ethics unite and home comfort is combined with state-of-the-art strategies for saving money and resources.

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