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iun. 2023
EGO Smart is a registered patent
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In an official act, the Direzione Generale per la Tutela della Proprietà Industriale (an office of the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy) awarded Gewiss the Patent Certificate for the Ego Smart plate, whose application was filed in 2021 by Cav. Lav. Domenico Bosatelli, testifying to the strong bond between the founder and his company during the long entrepreneurial journey they have undertaken together.


In the detailed description it is clear that the patent claims the "Cover structure with integrated display, which can be associated with a base suitable for supporting fruits, said structure being characterized by comprising a light-guide element associated with an electronic module which is covered by a translucent film associated with a supporting structure; said electronic module being a printed circuit board comprising at least one LED matrix; said LED matrix constituting a display visible through said film; said electronic module having a TOF sensor which makes detections through a seat formed in said supporting structure; said display being configured to display a functional state of said fruits; said supporting structure presenting a transparent area at said module of said LED matrix suitable for the passage of light; said supporting structure presenting a seat for said TOF sensor and said film presenting an 'opening at said TOF sensor seat".


Paolo Cervini, CEO of GEWISS, said, "This achievement moves us into the future, but it is built on the legacy of those who have made the history of our company since its founding. The patent application, filed by Cavaliere del Lavoro Domenico Bosatelli, was just the latest milestone in a long journey of continuous innovation and foresight. Thanks to this legacy, today we look to the future with even greater pride, guided by innovation and creativity, in the spirit of a great heritage".


"That of the GEWISS patents is a success story that starts way back, and that was born even before GEWISS itself - added Matteo Gavazzeni, Corporate Industrial Property, Quality and Product Certification Director at GEWISS, concluding - The first Industrial Model Patent, in fact, was filed by our founder back in 1968. Since then, over the course of its more than 50-year history, more than 1,000 patents and models have been assigned to the company, filed in more than 30 countries around the world”.


An industrial property title is a right that gives its owner the legal ability to exclude others from making, using or selling what is included in the scope of protection of his title for a limited period of years and in the countries where the title has been granted in exchange for publication allowing public disclosure of the invention. Examples are invention patents, utility models, ornamental models, trademarks and appellation of origin.

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