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Elbi International Bitron Group
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Elbi International Bitron Group


Elbi (Elettromeccanica Bianco) International S.p.A. specializes in the production of components for a variety of sectors, from appliances to automotive, from HVAC to energy. The headquarters at Collegno, Italy, built in 1960, today has 700 employees and covers a total area of ​​80 thousand square metres. The latest generation Smart [3] luminaires were installed throughout the production facilities, ensuring safety and efficiency, in any level of natural lighting. It also provided a substantial saving compared to the previous system. Street [O3] and Road [5] street lighting illuminate the external areas and the car parks of the complex, while the offices benefit from the Astrid LED range.



ROAD [5] - MINI - 1 (1X3 LED) - AUTONOME - OPTIQUE WIDE - 3000 K - 0.35A - IP66 - CLASSE I

ROAD [5] - MINI - 1 (1X3 LED) - AUTONOME - OPTIQUE WIDE - 3000 K - 0.35A - IP66 - CLASSE I

Road [5] est une gamme de luminaires LED pour l’éclairage urbain et routier. La nouvelle gamme a été conçue pour offrir de meilleures performances d’éclairage, simplifier l’installation et la maintenance des dispositifs d’éclairage et favoriser d’importantes économies d’énergie. C’est une gamme idéale pour l’éclairage de routes, rond-points, grands espaces extérieurs et parkings, pour des installations neuves ou déjà existantes.
Grafiche DIEMME S.r.l. Références

Grafiche DIEMME S.r.l.

Grafiche DIEMME a company based in Bastia, Umbria, Italy has been producing and printing paper since 1979. Its main business is divided into three sectors: commercial/advertising, publishing and paper processing. Over its many years of experience, the company has always sought quality at the heart of every project. Quality that is also required in the working conditions for its employees. Grafiche DIEMME has chosen GEWISS solutions to replace of its existing lighting, for each environment and activity: from Smart [3] and Smart [4] 2.1 devices for production departments, to the Astrid LED range for office areas, to Road [5] streetlighting for outdoor spaces.

P2 Retail Displays LTD Lighting

P2 Retail Displays LTD

With a commitment to choosing sustainable materials and minimising waste, P2 wanted to improve the general light level throughout its workshop and warehouse to ensure workers had a high quality of light to work in.

Cartiere Paolo Pigna S.p.A. Projects

Cartiere Paolo Pigna S.p.A.

As part of the modern extension of the historic headquarters of the Lombardy company, GEWISS has created a complete, fully-integrated electrical system. This challenging task necessitated the installation of a number of solutions, which serve to confirm the perfect integration of the range, providing products for energy distribution, safety and lighting. Finally, the Chorus Lux plates adorn the walls of the entire office building.

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