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Bianchi Industry S.p.A.
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Bianchi Industry S.p.A.


Bianchi Industry is a world-renowned producer of vending machines and professional coffee machines. The company ensures research and development is the cornerstone of its work, making it a market innovator, continuously evolving its product development. Bianchi’s mission to continuously evolve is shared by GEWISS, making it the ideal partner when Bianchi wanted to relamp its production departments, canteen and quality maintenance division. 281 Smart [4] and Smart [3] light fittings were installed, providing energy savings of over 112,000 kWh per year, a saving of more than Euro 20,000.



Zimmermann Group Projects

Zimmermann Group

The Zimmermann Group is a German company that has been operating in the field of hazardous waste disposal for over 50 years. The five areas of company competence (disposal, custom systems construction, logistics, industrial cleaning and environmental analysis) are handled by nine Group offices in Germany and the Netherlands. On the Bitterfeld-Wolfen site, where the disposal of flammable liquids takes place, the company carried out a complete LED replacement, installing 25 Smart [4] LED devices and 10 Street [O3] by GEWISS, providing high quality performance in any weather conditions, as well as the best lighting in every work space.

Bianco S.p.A. Projects

Bianco S.p.A.

In this modern facility in Alba (CN), the Smart [4] system is relied upon to provide perfect lighting both inside and outside, thus demonstrating the great versatility of this product, which was specifically designed for industrial use. Even when installed at considerable height, Smart [4] can provide powerful, uniform lighting in large spaces, and as such, is ideal for use in the extensive warehouses in which bianco produces its own range of textile machines. Outside the facility, this technology is ideal for enhancing the modern façade of the industrial complex, while for car parks and access roads, GEWISS has installed Street (O3), a lighting device designed precisely for this purpose.

Industrie lourde Application

Industrie lourde

Les environnements soumis à des conditions de travail relativement rudes (fours de fusion, installations de moulage sous pression ou similaires) exigent en priorité la continuité absolue de la production dans toutes ses étapes. C'est la raison pour laquelle GEWISS fabrique et fournit un système de produits (éclairage industriel, dispositifs modulaires et en boîtiers, tableaux de distribution, prises de courant et fiches) pouvant fonctionner même en conditions extrêmes, avec des indices de protection élevés contre la pénétration de poussières ou de liquides.

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