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Lighting Design Software.

PROLITE the new version of the now well known program by GEWISS for lighting design for interiors, exteriors, streets and tunnel.

Prolite 6.1can be an excellent help to designers for making estimates and for creating all the documentation to provide to the customer in support of the project choices.

With PROLITE is possible to:

- Develop the areas (using the operating application) reproduced in a plan or imported from other CAD, and to add the relative lighting devices selected to them;

- The areas can be displayed through dynamic rendering of top graphic quality;

- Simulate the lighting effects (shadows, reflections, colour perception, volumes yield, etc.), creating the image of the area when illuminated with the effects resulting from projecting light on furnishings and surfaces and providing a ‘rendering’ (drawn) document of high visual impact.

- Guarantee design results. The performance of the luminaires, measured using the most sophisticated instruments, and how they interact with the areas, ensures that definite and measurable results are achieved.

Quantify power consumption through the calculation of the total power used, so that cost comparisons can be made and assessed in order to achieve power efficiency;

PROLITE permits the Lighting design of:

- Internal environment;

- Exterior environment;

- Road in compliance with few different standards: CIE 30; UNI 10439; CIE 140; CEN 13201 or in free way;

- Tunnel;

The results obtained can be shown in different graphic forms selected according to the type of areas. These include:

- Values;

- Isovalues;

- Spot;

- Tridimensional;

Furthermore is possible verify:

- Light pollution

- Dazzling

- Cylindrical values and/or Semicylindrical values

- Vertical illuminances on the four cardinal point and/or television plans

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