SMOOTH WALLS DECORATIVE ENCOLOSURE - WITH TERMINAL BLOCK N 2 x [(3X16)+(11X10)] E 2 x [(3X16)+(11X10)] - (12x2) 24M IP40

Code: GW40047BD

Range: 40 CD Range
Surface-mounting distribution boards and enclosures

The 40CD Series of control units, available in transparent or blind door versions and in sizes from 8 to 72 modules, guarantees aesthetic integration with all types of furniture. The offer includes: 40CDK - IP65 watertight panels with removable frame (from 24M) and lead-in panels; accessories with wiring ducts, locks, aesthetic covers and blind panels; 40CD - IP55 watertight control units with drilling doilies on the walls, door with lock for each modular row; 40CD control units protected by Furniture - IP40 up to 72M in the smoke and blind door versions; 40CD control units without door - IP40. All materials are Halogen Free.



650 °C

70 °C

Technical Info

Insulation class II (according to IEC 61140 standards)
Colour White RAL 9016
Outer dim. LxHxD (mm) 280x350x100
IP degree IP40
Dispersible power (W) 25
Mechanical resistance IK08
Rated voltage 400 V
Door colour Smoked Transparent
Terminal blocks 80 A - IP20 bipolar holes with screws
No. of modules EN 50022 24 (12X2)
Rated current 125 A
Glow Wire Test 650 °C
Operating temperature -25 +60 °C
Type of material Halogen-free in compliance with EN 60754-2
Electrocod 0321
Thermo-pressure with ball 70 °C
Accessories for insulation restoring Screwcaps (GW44623) or fixing brackets in resin (GW44621)
Standard EN 60670-1 (CEI 23-48) IEC60670-24 CEI 23-49
Insulation voltage 750 V
Pole 1 (mm²) N/E 2x[(3x16) + (11x10)]
Pole 2 (mm²) N/E 2x[(3x16) + (11x10)]
Ware Number 85381000

Product Data Sheet

User guide


Technical characteristics - IT

Technical characteristics - EN

Technical characteristics - DE


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Marcatura CE - FT031


ACCESSORIES SUPPLIED: module masks, circuit labels. Self-adhesive label to be filled out for certification according to standard CEI 23-51. GW40049BS,GW40049BD GW40051BD,GW40053BD GW40053BQ, fitted with removable frame, to carry out the wiring operations outside the enclosure. Insulated bipolar screw 80A - IP20 terminal blocks to be installed on the frame before wiring.
NOTES: dispersible power calculated according to CEI 23-49. For the perforations, use the GW52401 milling cutter. To restore the double insulation, use the relative accessories supplied (module masks and screwcaps or brackets for surface-mounting).
CHARACTERISTICS: thermo-pressure with ball equal to 70°C.

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