SCREW AND/OR CLIP TERMINAL BLOCK - 80A - IP20 - BIPOLAR - POLE 1 N/T (3X16)+(11X10) POLE 2 N/T (3X16)+(11X10)

Code: GW40412B

Range: 68 Q-DIN Range
Distribution boards

A complete system of IP65 boards for distributing energy in tertiary, commercial sector and building applications, available both empty and pre-wired, in accordance with the international standard IEC 61439. The Q-DIN range comprises boards from 5 to 20 DIN modules, plus supplementary modules of 14 or 20 M to add even more DIN spaces. They can accommodate flush-mounting socket-outlets and interlocked socket-outlets of up to 63 A, and they can be combined with numerous accessories.

Technical Info

Type Bipolar - Rated current 80 A - IP20
Suitable for GW66493
Suitable for 40 CDKe std. Germany
Suitable for Q-DIN 14/20
Electrocod 0301
Pole 1 (mm²) N/E (3x16) + (11x10)
Pole 2 (mm²) N/E (3x16) + (11x10)
Fastener to supports With screws and/or clip
Ware Number 85369010

Product Data Sheet

Technical characteristics - IT

Technical characteristics - EN

Technical characteristics - DE


Low voltage systems and boards

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Estimation of electrical systems

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Advanced design of electrical systems

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Quotation and Thermal test of modular enclosures

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REVIT Plugin

Plugin with GEWISS products for the design software REVIT®

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Plugin with GEWISS products for the software AUTOCAD®

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Marcatura CE - FT035

ACCESSORIES SUPPLIED: fixing screws. The 80 A terminal blocks are equipped with N and E labels to be placed on the respective spaces to identify the poles.
CHARACTERISTICS: GWT 960°C according to EN60695-2-11.
INSTALLATION: the installation of the GW40401, GW40408B and GW40408U terminal blocks on Q-DIN 14/20 boards is permitted by using the GW40413 adapter.

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