MULTIPLE-SOCKET ADAPTOR IP67 - PLUG 3P+N+E 16A 400V ac 50/60HZ - 1 SOCKET-OUTLET 2P+E 16A 230V ac + 1 3P+E 16A 400V ac + 1 3P+N+E 16A 400V ac

Code: GW64060

Range: IEC 309 MA Range
Multiple sockets and adaptors for industrial and domestic use, protected and watertight

The IEC 309 MA range is a range of multipliers, adapters and branched. They are available in currents of 16, 32 or 63 A and have a varying number of outlets and poles in numerous different combinations. These products should be considered supplementary to the system as they are only suitable for use in temporary installations and mobile connections, and they have not been designed for permanent applications.

Technical Info

Plug IEC 309 3P+N+E - 16A - 400V ac
Socket-outlet IEC 309 2P+E - 16A - 230V ac
Socket-outlet IEC 309 3P+E - 16A - 400V ac
Socket-outlet IEC 309 3P+N+E - 16A - 400V ac
Ware Number 85366990

Technical characteristics - EN

Technical characteristics - DE

Technical characteristics - IT

Technical characteristics - ES

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