LATCHING RELAY 230V ac 50/60Hz - 1P 10A(AC1) / 7A(AC15) 250V ac - 1 MODULE - WHITE - SYSTEM WHITE

Code: GW20071

Range: SYSTEM WHITE - Domestic range
Modular devices

The System modular devices make it possible to create infinite combination between devices and plates, thanks to a complete range that is able to satisfy all design, functional and installation requirements. Colour and finiture: glossy white, bright and versatile
Ideal for flush-mounting solutions (for rectangular or square boxes), surface-mounting solutions, and for special applications. The range includes commands, socket- outlets, protection, indicators, connectors and devices for the control, safety and comfort of your home.

125 °C

850 °C

Technical Info

Category Relay
Output contacts 10 AX 250V ac
Description Step-step 1P
Colour White
No. of poles 1
Voltage 230 V ac
Standard EN 60669-1 / EN 60669-2-2
Frequency 50Hz
Resistance at test voltage 2000 V at 50 Hz for 1 minute
Insulation resistance > 5 MOhm
Wiring terminals With screw
Prolonged operation switch (no.of position changes) 40.000 at In 250 V ac cosφ=0,6
Thermo-pressure with ball 125 °C
Glow Wire Test 850 °C
Terminal grip on cable traction > 50 N
Terminal tightening capacity
stranded cables (mm²)
1x4 / 2x2,5
Terminal tightening capacity
solid cables (mm²)
No. SYSTEM modules 1
Rated power (AC1) 0 VA
Rated power (AC15) 0 VA
230V incandescent/halogen lamps 800 W
Fluorescent lamps with electronic ballast 400 W
Fluorescent lamps with compensated ballast 360 W
CFL lamps 200 W
230V LED lamps 200 W
Halogen/LED lamps with electronic transformer 200 W
Halogen/LED lamps with electromechanical transformer 400 W
Material Technopolymer
Electrocod 140
Ware Number 85364900

Product Data Sheet

Technical characteristics - EN

Technical characteristics - IT

Technical characteristics - ES

REVIT Plugin

Plugin with GEWISS products for the design software REVIT®

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Estimation of electrical systems

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Advanced design of electrical systems

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Plugin with GEWISS products for the software AUTOCAD®

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Conformity declaration

CE marking

CHARACTERISTICS: suitable for commanding incandescent/halogen lamps: 800 W, fluorescent tubes with electronic ballast: 400 W, fluorescent tubes with electromechanical ballast: 360 W, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL): 200 W, LED lamps (230V ac): 200 W, low voltage halogen or LED lamps with electronic ballast: 200 W, low voltage halogen or LED lamps with electromechanical ballast: 400 W.
APPLICATIONS: command of lighting devices from several points, via push-buttons. Start/stop control of motors (extractors, air agitators, etc.).

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