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CAD Software for advanced design of Electrical Systems.

CADpro is an easy to use software for designing electrical systems for residential and service industry applications.

The programme can be used independently (AutoCAD not required). It has a two-dimensional CAD engine with all the main AutoCAD commands (layer, grid, filters, block management etc.).

CADpro is interconnected with the other GEWISS Technical Software by the file DX. It permits to import the structure realized by the Software (the BUS functions by BUS, the boards by PBT-Q, the user structure by PRICE, ecc.) and the graphic elements to realize planimetric electrical systems, wiring diagrams, frontview, ecc.

CADpro contains all the products in the catalog GEWISS and for each product are available: the image and/or the electrical symbol and/or the shape and/or the shape measured in 1:1 scale.

The library is organized by catalog and by electrical symbol to facilitate the research of the desired product.

Is also possible to create compositions of symbols using the "Composition Wizard".

With CADpro is possible to:

- import and export drawings in dxf and dwg format;

- import drawings and images in the most common formats (bmp, jpg, etc.);

- produce complete location plan drawings

The project realized by CADpro can be printed or/and exported in DXF, DWG, PDF file instead the material list can be exported in EXCEL and DX format file.

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