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Radio RTL 102.5

In the recording studio of the radio station with the most listeners in Italy, lighting is a vital part of daily life. RTL turned to GEWISS devices to equip its Milan facility, where Smart [4] devices are used not only to ensure visual comfort, but also to increase energy efficiency. At RTL, the lights are always on, and the superior efficiency of the system (up to 20% more efficient than standard systems) is certainly appreciated.



SMART [4] 2.0 LB - 2+2 LED - DIFFUSED 100° - EMERGENCY - 4000 K (CRI 80) - 220/240 V 50/60 Hz - IP66 - CLAS I - GREY RAL 7037

SMART [4] 2.0 LB - 2+2 LED - DIFFUSED 100° - EMERGENCY - 4000 K (CRI 80) - 220/240 V 50/60 Hz - IP66 - CLAS I - GREY RAL 7037

Datorită noilor LED-uri de ultimă generaţie, întotdeauna combinate cu cele mai eficiente soluţii optice, gama Smart[4] 2.0 garantează performanţe de iluminare excelente, un confort vizual sporit şi o calitate excelentă a luminii.
Birouri Contexts


În mediile de birou, continuitatea energiei şi iluminatul adecvat sunt două dintre cerinţele obligatorii pentru desfăşurarea activităţii în cele mai bune condiţii posibile. GEWISS poate furniza un sistem complet de aparate pentru preluarea şi distribuţia energiei, precum şi corpuri de iluminat cu LED pentru un iluminat confortabil şi eficient.

King Kong - Business Centre Projects

King Kong - Business Centre

Outside, there is a video-phone system, whilst inside, the building is equipped with a complete centrally-managed electrical system, which also regulates the air conditioning. On the walls, the Chorus Geo socket-outlets, in black or white to match the décor, are accompanied by 47 CVX distribution cabinets. In this Business Centre in the province of Bergamo, working life is made simpler and more comfortable with GEWISS products.

Electraline Projects


At the modern Brianza headquarters of Electraline, large volumes of products destined for large-scale distribution pass through every day. In this environment, the robustness of the equipment coupled with consistent levels of performance are essential in order to ensure a regular workflow. The integrated electrical system, composed of distribution boards and the chorus system, provide the necessary reliability, while both savings and safety are guaranteed by the lighting solutions installed in the various logistics areas.

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