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Jul 2024
GEWISS chooses to obtain PEP Ecopassport certifications for the sustainability of its products
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GEWISS has obtained the first PEP (Product Environmental Profile) Certifications for its products, taking a further step forward in its sustainability strategy. It’s a significant milestone for a Group that has always included innovation among its core values and is committed to adopting eco-sustainable practices and solutions.

PEP Ecopassport is the reference program for products in the electrical, electronic, heating and cooling industries. It is based on the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) of the entire life cycle of the product to evaluate and communicate its environmental impact from the extraction of raw materials to the product's end of life. PEP certifications are environmental product declarations, standardized documents that report the product's environmental performance by analyzing its life cycle, thus allowing the pursuit of a responsible business model that meets the market's needs right from the design phase without giving up concrete respect for people and the planet.

The achievement of PEP Certifications, subject to verification by third-party bodies, independent and accredited by the PEP Ecopassport® program, reconfirms GEWISS' transparency and constant commitment to improving the performance of its products in terms of sustainability. At the same time, it also shows the Group's strong drive towards eco-design, which today is more crucial than ever to build lasting relationships with all stakeholders and contribute to the community's sustainable development by generating shared value.

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