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Over the years GEWISS has established itself as a leading market player in the international electrotechnical industry, with offices, subsidiaries , agencies and production sites in more than 80 nations.

The Company's success is due to several factors including its capacity to pinpoint customer needs and create a winning company strategy. With the rise of globalisation, corporate interest is increasingly targeting international operations in pursuit of different leadership strategies.This is why GEWISS has developed and implemented an innovative foreign trade model over the years. Because its own markets have expanded, GEWISS has combined segments of product demand in various countries, optimising its investments and achieving consistent benefits. This has enabled it to forge agreements and establish international partnership networks. Plus the technological innovation pursued in this context has enabled GEWISS to compete at an international level and become a global economic player.

Today GEWISS is an international Group with approximately 1,500 employees, operating in 80 countries across the globe with 6 production sites (3 in Italy, 1 in Germany, 1 in Portugal and 1 in France), 10 trading/service companies (UK, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Romania, Poland, Belgium, Chile, the United Arab Emirates and China) and a central logistics hub in Italy (Calcinate, Bergamo) from where it manages shipments throughout Europe.

Its development actions on an international scale are steered by a work method based on objectives rather than directives. Its approach to innovation, and values of fairness, transparency and respect for the environment, that have always been the driving force behind GEWISS' strategies, are reflected in each subsidiary and production site of the Group, ensuring products and services of an outstanding quality for an international clientèle. The present-day network of the GEWISS Group is the result of this philosophy and of an acquisition and development campaign over the last decade. This acquisition campaign first set its sights on European companies that were leaders in their industry, followed by Turkey, Russia, Romania, China, Chile and the United Arab Emirates and recently by Poland and Belgium. GEWISS focuses in particular on the new, extended Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa, Latin America, the Far East and the Persian Gulf. In fact the impact of foreign sales over national sales is continuing to rise, in line with strategic management objectives. The company's goal is to continue to develop products and systems for the entire world, consolidating its presence in Italy and on mature markets, whilst also expanding in emerging economies.


GEWISS' history is a great entrepreneurial story of many successes achieved over four decades.

THE ORIGINS . GEWISS came about from a brilliant idea for a product: the use of technopolymer in electrical systems. This was a revolutionary application for the entire sector, immediately giving the company a leading edge in the electrotechnical industry. Over this decade, the plant at Cenate Sopra (Bergamo) was inaugurated and the company became a Società per Azioni (Company Limited by Shares).

DEVELOPMENT . The 1980's were characterised by further insight: for the first time, coloured lighting devices were introduced and became furnishing items. Products sold became increasingly a complete range for domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. With the consolidation of its sales network, GEWISS changed from a product-oriented to a market-oriented company. In just ten years, its revenue increased ten-fold.

INTERNATIONALISATION . In the 1990's, the technological and production site at Cenate Sotto (Bergamo) was inaugurated, speeding up the internationalisation process. After subsidiaries were opened in Spain and Germany, the European industry-leaders NOWAPLAST, SCHUPA and MAVIL were acquired, forming the origins of the GEWISS Group.

THE NEW MILLENNIUM. In early 2000, the new Logistics/Technological Site at Calcinate (Bergamo) was inaugurated, to provide coverage throughout central Europe. The product range on offer increased in this period to 20,000 items, and Chorus - the international domotics system - was launched. The Group consolidated its industrial sites and trading/service subsidiaries in Italy, France, Germany, the UK, Spain, Portugal, China, Russia, Turkey, Romania, Chile, the United Arab Emirates, Poland and Belgium, along with agencies in more than 80 nations worldwide.

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