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GEWISS' actions respect human capital, the natural and social environment. The ethical dimension of the company is focussed on identifying virtuous conduct that creates a competitive edge and is a hallmark of its success.

Corporate social responsibility represents a fundamental building block to achieve a sustainable development. For this reason, GEWISS aligns its own choices and behaviors committing itself to the conservation of human capital, the environment and the community. People are key assets playing a fundamental role in the company's success. Improving professional skills and encouraging active participation and respect for human rights are essential prerequisites for company objectives to be achieved.


For many years, environment has been at the top of the socio-economic choices of GEWISS. The voluntary implementation of an Environmental Management System in the Italian production plants which meets the standard ISO 14001 is significant evidence of the company's commitment to ensuring that environmental protection goes hand in hand with industrial growth. To go on with the development of an eco-sustainable business model, the company focuses on an efficient consumption of energy resources and materials, the prevention of pollution, a reduction of emissions, the development of safe working processes and environments and a rigorous respect of laws.

In particular, GEWISS considers human resources as being vital to its businesses success and as a decisive factor in guaranteeing constant innovation and development. Staff involvement has always been a strength in achieving company objectives. Personnel training on environmental protection and occupational health and safety is essential for developing knowledge, operating capability and an awareness of the environmental impact operations can have and for adopting safe conduct.

Activities for preventing environmental impact have required a huge investment in resources and considerable organisational work, but have enabled industrial processes and products to be developed that are increasingly innovative and environmentally friendly.

In order to directly engage its public, GEWISS regularly publishes its own Environmental Report on a voluntary basis, which describes the main relations between the company and the environment. This choice reflects once again the company's intention of giving visibility to its environmental results, with the maximum transparency for its personnel, shareholders, customers and suppliers, and in general for all parties concerned.


GEWISS promotes the sensible use of available resources through careful and optimized management of energy sources for its production cycles and the definition of energy saving objectives. In this framework, GEWISS intends taking on an active role in achieving maximum energy efficiency, in using advanced technologies and adopting streamlining measures that limit electricity consumption.


GEWISS' waste management policy focuses on preventing the production of waste at source, investing considerably in the recovery and recycling of materials and the proper disposal of waste which cannot be recycled. Personnel awareness, the use of modern and efficient waste collection systems at industrial sites, the definition of waste management operating procedures, the involvement of specialist waste collection companies and numerous other initiatives have made it possible to improve waste production over time, in terms of quality and quantity. GEWISS has been a member of recycling consortiums for many years, which manage waste from packaging materials and electrical and electronic equipment at the end of their working life.


The results of measurements are referred to the most stringent limits established by current legislation or by specific authorizations, and are extensively under control, with maximum concentrations well below legal limits.

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