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Everything is ready to give new emotions to all neroazzurri fans.                                           

A new season is starting and the partnership between GEWISS and Atalanta continues with even more ambitious goals and stronger enthusiasm. Enthusiasm that was recently also fed by UEFA, who declared the GEWISS Stadium suitable for hosting the home games of the Dea in the 2020/2021 Champions League. The most important football competition in Europe has already seen the Nerazzurri team among the great protagonists of the last edition, when they almost reached the semi-final.

In the meantime, the renovation works of the GEWISS Stadium are going on: many GEWISS lighting solutions have already been installed (Smart [PRO], Smart [3] and other LED devices) and for the management and distribution of energy (including sockets, switches and switchboards), as well as plates and other solutions from the Chorus domestic range.

In addition to the stadium, GEWISS will also be present on the official jerseys of the Nerazzurri champions, as official Back Partner.

Born as something more than a simple sponsorship, the agreement between GEWISS and ATALANTA represents today more than ever an important link between the two companies and the city to which they belong. A project also designed to equip Bergamo and its citizens with a modern, innovative and avant-garde sports hub, where everyone can express their attachment to the Nerazzurri team, experiencing and breathing the wonderful emotions that only football and sport can offer.

Furthermore, the agreement with ATALANTA realizes GEWISS's desire to support sport and the millions of athletes, young and adult, who dedicate their energy and passion to sports every day. The same path already started with the Digital Sport Innovation project, which aims at the renewal of the Italian sports movement starting from the structures dedicated to it.

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