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The GEWISS future will be expressed in continuity with the values which led to the birth and development of the company             

On the 50th anniversary, the time has come for a fundamental transition for the company that was announced by Cav. Lav. Domenico Bosatelli in the message sent to all Group employees, fully reproduced below.

“Warm greetings to all of you connected in this moment, from Gewiss Board to the Management, to all the Staff and Colleagues, Customers and Suppliers. We must also remember those who have experienced Gewiss reality and are no longer with us for various reasons. I am really sorry I can’t shake your hand personally because of the situation that has affected us and we hope to be solved as soon as possible”.

“50 years. GEWISS was born with the advent of plastics in 1970 and allowed me to unleash my strategic creative marketing instinct, aimed at meeting market needs and expectations, driving product development, from design to industrial production, as well as promotion and sales and related logistics with a perspective vision”.

“I have always worked with determination, with the pleasure of engaging in a search for solutions and experiencing the joy of the results achieved. These were years of intense activity and strong emotions which have been made possible by the contribution of colleagues who shared the development of my ideas. We developed over 20,000 catalogue products and 1,200 of them covered by patents. These products have obtained a great international success and for this reason they have often been cloned by competitors”.

“Today, more than 50% of domestic electrical systems components can be manufactured by GEWSS. Our design and industrial technologies and above all the ability of our technicians are the guarantee of the continuity of development. We are currently facing the new frontier of electrical systems engineering and domotics with the digital technology GSM (Global System Model). This new digital system will be used in the new and innovative real estate project CHORUS LIFE that represents for GEWISS an applied research laboratory”.

“GEWISS relies on corporate and social values based on the following concepts:

§   doing business for the benefit of employees, shareholders and Society;

§   development as a constant feature of management;

§   doing everything, in every moment, to the best.

This philosophy, which is widely shared by the entire Gewiss Management and Team, will guarantee our future business development”.

“When I started my industrial career with GEWISS, I never imagined I would be in charge of the company on the threshold of my ninetieth year, still at the helm of it.
The time has come to pass the baton to my son Fabio, by appointing him as President. He has been at my side for over 30 years, sharing principles, values, goals and working methods. Thanks to his skills and the excellent relationships that he has developed with all the management and employees, he will be able to ensure the development and a successful future for GEWISS.
I want to say thank you again for your attention, remembering my great affection for you all, and wishing you and your loved ones all the best for the future”.

Taking up the baton, giving continuity to the values ​​and entrepreneurial spirit of the company, will be Fabio BOSATELLI who will count on Paolo CERVINI, CEO of GEWISS, and on the managers team who make up the company's leadership, supported by the over 1,500 employees of the Group, in sixteen countries around the world.

"I grew up with Gewiss", Fabio BOSATELLI comments, "I have been working here for more than 30 years and I fully agree with its business principles, ethics, values ​​and working method devoted to innovation and excellence. I welcome this important assignment with pride, a sense of responsibility and with the firm volition to give continuity to our company. I am happy to face up this challenging journey relying on a united group of collaborators who I really appreciate for the determination shown even in these difficult months, working with tenacity and professionalism. I want to be the first supporter of the evolution of Gewiss: we are thinking to a company that will be increasingly managerial, international, digital and sustainable. These goals will be achievable thanks to everyone's positivity and proactivity: the energy, enthusiasm, belief and passion of the entire GEWISS team will be fundamental in the coming months and years to come, to achieve the most ambitious goals together".

Paolo Cervini, CEO of GEWISS met the commitment to the development of the GEWISS Group with equal determination. "For just over a year", he explained, "I have been part of the GEWISS Group and I can say that what we are experiencing today is the confirmation of a path, aimed at giving continuity and guaranteeing the evolution of GEWISS. We have started a project that is based on the fundamental pillars of the company and translates into a managerial path to become more international, digital and sustainable. I want to thank the Cavaliere del Lavoro Domenico Bosatelli and Fabio Bosatelli for the trust placed in me and I confirm my total dedication, passion, determination in carrying on the project we started together".

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