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90 ReStart Range
Automatic reclosing devices

The 90 ReStart range is a line of automatic reclosing devices for all types of system. If the residual current device trips, the ReStart devices, after checking the system status, restore the power supply thereby ensuring maximum continuity of service in complete safety. Available for both residual current circuit breakers and residual current circuit breakers with overcurrent protection, the range is characterized by the Autotest functions, with periodic and automatic control of the residual current protection without interrupting the power supply and PRO with extended control of the system.

90 MCB Range
Modular circuit breakers for circuit protection

The 90 MCB range meets any requirement for protection against overcurrent and short-circuit, for all domestic, commercial and industrial applications. The range comprises MTC, compact miniature circuit breakers (from 2 to 32A, curves B and C up to 10kA) MT traditional miniature circuit breakers (from 1 to 63A, curves B, C and D up to 25kA) MTHP High-Power Miniature circuit breakers (from 20 to 125A, curves C and D up to 25kA).

90 RCD Range
Modular circuit breakers for residual current protection

The 90 RCD range meets any ground fault protection requirement for any area of application. The range consists of BD and BDHP RCBOs, add-on residual current devices for MT and MTHP miniature circuit breakers and IDP residual current circuit breakers.

90 AM Range
Modular accessories

The 90 AM range, in addition to auxiliaries common for the all circuit breakers, comprises many modular accessories for the protection, command, programming, measurement and signalling in electrical systems.

90 PV range
Products for photovoltaic systems

The 90 PV range comprises 6 versions of string boards able to meet the most varying photovoltaic plant engineering requirements, from the residential context to the commercial/industrial one. The different versions are distinguished by the number of strings that can be managed, and by the voltage level of the photovoltaic generator. In addition to string boards, the range also includes modular products specifically for the DC side of the photovoltaic system.

MTX range
Moulded case circuit breakers for power distribution

The moulded-case circuit breakers for power distribution from the MTX range offer the ideal solution for industrial and advanced commercial systems thanks to its considerable potential in terms of adjustment (from 1 to 1600A) and breaking capacity (from 16 to 120kA), with rated voltage up to 690V.

97 MSS Range
Rotary switch disconnectors

The MSS rotary control switch disconnectors guarantee robustness and reliability when commanding and disconnecting circuits up to 630A. The range covers four different sizes for varying levels of current, with top performance in both alternating current and direct current.

47 CVX 160 I Range
Flush-mounting distribution boards up to 160 A

The 47 CVX 160 range comprises flush-mounting distribution boards of up to 160A. In addition to the metal casing and the door, all products in the range come with the DIN rails and isolating front panels. Finally, thanks to the innovative support, the rails can be fixed to the brackets and their depth can be adjusted without any need for screws or tools.

47 CVX 160 E Range
Wall-mounting distribution boards up to 160 A with extractable frame

The 47 CVX 160 E range of surface-mounting distribution boards up to 160 A allows the creation of different configurations for every requirement, from a minimum capacity of 72 modules to a maximum of 192, choosing the appropriate installation kit with 150mm or 200mm pitch. Furthermore, the extractable frame allows wiring desk and, subsequently, the installation of the wired frame inside the metal casing when the system is completed.
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