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City of Bellinzona

City Landscape | Squares & Pedestrian Areas

Bellinzona, Switzerland

In the heart of the Alps, the capital of the Canton of Ticino is an elegant medieval city, boasting stunning, impeccably refurbished mansions, luxuriously decorated hotels and the famous neoclassical theatre. In such a prestigious context, the lighting system selected must be able to blend into the environment in a discreet and harmonious manner, to enhance the architecture and make streets and squares safe.


GEWISS devices have successfully met both of these requirements, and local administrators for the Swiss city have expressed appreciation not only with regard to the aesthetic result, but also with reference to the recognised advantages that reliable lighting systems requiring minimal maintenance offer.

Products used

Serie STREET [O3]<br />Systeme für die Straßenbeleuchtung
Serie STREET [O3]
Systeme für die Straßenbeleuchtung
Baureihe URBAN [O3]<br /> Urbane Beleuchtungssysteme
Stadtgebiete, Parks und Gärten
Baureihe URBAN [O3]
Urbane Beleuchtungssysteme

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