For each Group Company the use of clear Governance rules is an instrument to pursue efficiency, transparency, correct management and efficacy of the controls. These conduct guidelines which must inspire the choices and the actions of all people acting on behalf and in the interest of Gewiss S.p.A and of the Group Companies are included in the Governance documents herewith attached for consultation.  

The infringement of any Governance rules shall be reported to the address, as provided for by the Whistleblowing Policy here attached for consultation.


Ai sensi del Decreto Legislativo 8 giugno 2001, n. 231, Gewiss S.p.A. ha adottato un Modello di Organizzazione Gestione e Controllo di cui si allega una sintesi.

Versione italiana:

Codice Etico di GEWISS S.p.A.

Codice Etico Informatico di GEWISS S.p.A.

Procedura per le segnalazioni di GEWISS S.p.A.

Modello di Organizzazione Gestione e Controllo  - Documento di Sintesi

Herewith attached you can find a summary of the “Organization management and control Model”, which Gewiss S.p.A. has adopted, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231 of June 08th 2001.

Versione inglese:

GEWISS S.p.A. - Code of Ethics

GEWISS S.p.A. IT - Code of Conduct

GEWISS S.p.A. - “Whistleblower Procedure”

Organization Management and Control Framework - Synthesis

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