Working at Gewiss


GEWISS considers human resources as an asset that the company has to be able to motivate and protect. But this doesn't mean introducing career automatisms into the field of worker management; on the contrary, what we offer to all those who embrace our philosophy and values are real, solid chances for professional growth, strictly linked to the tangible results obtained.

Entering the GEWISS world means the chance to work in a stimulating, dynamic company that's a leader in its sector, and the chance to know and understand the mechanisms and logics underlying our way of doing business. Working in GEWISS also means working in excellent, functional environments where, when necessary, the concept of space favours team work and the exchange of ideas.

NB: please note that all the personnel search activities contained in the “Working in GEWISS” section, and therefore also in the sub-areas, are aimed at both sexes in accordance with the regulations concerning equal work opportunities (Law 903/77 and subsequent modifications).
We would like to inform you that the legislative decree to be indicated on your CV, with regards privacy, has changed. The new reference is Legislative Decree 196/03, which resumes, integrates and modifies the contents of the previous version - L.675/96.